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10th LEAD Yuva Summit – 2020


Yuva Summit is the National conference where all the energetic youth across India specifically from Karnataka, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra inspire each other by their work. It is the youth festival where all the entrepreneurs, LEADers and students meet and share their ideas. The 10th Yuva Summit was held at the Lotus Lake, Hubballi. On the day of Yuva Summit the day started with registrations!


The 10th Yuva Summit at Lotus Lake, Hubballi started with the registration process where 1300+ youth were present  to witness the annual national conference.

Project Showcase

Every year LEADers perform the best to serve the society to make changes in life. 52 best initiatives were selected to showcase at the 10th Yuva Summit. With this project showcase, LEADers get a chance to present their ideas to all the eminent guests of Yuva Summit.  The inauguration of the project showcase was done by Retd, Air Marshal, Mr. Hemanth Sharma, Mr. J V Ramamurthy, Senior Advisor, HCL.


LEAD Talk is a platform for the LEADers to talk about their journey, to inspire everyone else by sharing their experiences. LEAD Alumnus, Mr. Abhishek from Davangere has completed his engineering and today he is working as a successful graphic designer. Mr. Abhishek is also known for his creativity and art and designs. He said after joining LEAD his life has taken a drastic change which gave him an idea of pursuing journalism as major. Mr. Abhishek says, I am doing what I love and I love to work as a graphic designer and everyone should do what they are fond of. Life is never easy on anyone but for few life shows the worst side of it. LEADer Praveen from Vijayapura never gave up on his life. Through Agastya Foundation, LEADer Praveen joined LEAD in 8th std. LEAD helped him to buckle up and move on from his old life. When he was in 8th Std he got an international award and was selected for the Google Science Fair Award. The LEAD Prayana journey motivated and inspired him to always concentrate on good points and to take the challenges which life is throwing at him. His story inspired everyone to never give up. Now, after struggling hard, he is a CEO and founder of Techno-Support. “From coming out of depression to being brave, LEAD has helped me to be what I am today”, said LEADer Nilima Jangam from Belagavi. From last 4 years, LEAD has made her a better human being, LEAD has created a LEADer in her and LEAD has helped her to create herself. After 4 years of work at LEAD, she transformed from being a shy person to a bold one. LEAD Alumnus, Manish Noola from Belagavi completed his diploma according to his parents wish. He got placed into Ashok Leyland and there he understood the importance of higher-level education. After joining engineering at Jain College of Engineering, Belagavi he was introduced to LEAD. He also explains about the importance of satisfaction of work done through his journey. He says, “LEAD and Deshpande Foundation is a huge ocean”.  He has worked at NANOPIX and got a good exposure for life. He said, “This drastic change in me is because of LEAD” Another LEAD student, Kiran Magadum from Chikodi spoke about his transformation to buddy entrepreneur from a backbencher. He shared his life experiences and the work he has done in LEAD. His journey made people realise that it is never too late to change ourselves as a human being. LEAD Alumnus, Sardhar Ganesh from Ballari shared his journey. In his talk, he said that, “Whatever we decide, whatever we dream of, that will come true only if we believe in it”. He spoke about the initiatives he has taken in LEAD and the work associated with LEAD. The LEAD Talk ended with lots of enthusiasm and inspired everyone in crowd!

Interactive Session with Speakers

Retired Air Marshal, Hemanth Sharma was the 1st speaker at Yuva Summit 2020. He basically briefly explained his 40 years of experience in few words and quoted “Have a perfect balance in your from all parts of hierarchy with compassion, honesty, integrity, focus, dignity and always be punctual when it comes to time management”, Mr. J.V Rama Murthy, Ex-CEO and senior official at HCL addressed the crowd at the Yuva summit 2020. He spoke about the potential of youths in India and the role of the youth in today’s technological world. The real-life Singham of Karnataka, Mr. K. Annamalai interacted with the audience and motivated everyone by his words. Not only words but also the actions of Mr. Annamalai has always inspired people to be the responsible citizen of India. He talked about the purpose behind the life saying, have a purpose, convert into your strength and raise the bar, unleash your specialty and uniqueness. He addressed to the crowd saying, “Don’t play from a position of weakness, and play from a position of strength”. “You be whatever you want to be but don’t forget you are an Indian, first”, says Subedar Major Yogendra Singh, Junior commissioned officer of the Indian army! He is the real-life hero of the movie, “Lakshya”. He is the youngest Param Veer Chakra awardee who shared his real-life experiences of the war field. His talk filled everyone with enthusiasm and patriotism.

LEAD Alumni Entrepreneurs Panel SessionLEADers who started enterprises created an impact in community had an interactive panel session which was moderated by LEAD Alumnus Mr. Vijay Matti. LEAD Alumni Ms. Vaishnavi Hatrote founder of V Associates, Mr. Niraj Borate founder of MotherQuilts and Mr. Hemanth K founder of KINNO Key to Innovations… were panel guest speakers. Everyone spoke about their journey and their enterprises. In this panel session, the audience came across with one similarity, “To be an entrepreneur, failure is must but dedication plays an important role in the way of entrepreneur”. Their conversation inspired the budding entrepreneurs to achieve their goals.

Speakers Session 

Mr. Phanindra Sama, Chief Innovative Officer of Govt. of Telangana, founder of Red Bus, Mr. Atul Sateja, founder and CEO, The / Nudge Foundation and Mr. Abbas from Acumen were the guest speakers of this session. Mr. Sama said that, “The only way to chase and win the competition is to have something innovative”. In this session with speakers, everyone came across with the necessity of right competition, a requirement of conviction and importance of innovation.  

Faculty Panel SessionThe faculty Panel Session was moderated by the Senior Proram Manager of LEAD Mr. Abhinandan Kavale for the guest speakers, Prof. Jagadeesh from Rao Bahaddur Y Mahabaleswar Engineering College, Bellari and C. Manjunath, Principal, Kumershewara College, Hangal and Mr. K. Annamalai. They spoke about the importance of new innovations in the education system and the necessities of the extra curriculum activities in school life.

Rally to Infosys Campus

The last destination of the day was at Infosys, Hubballi to attend the Evening with Legend! Prayanees and all the Yuva Summit participants moved towards Infosys campus.

An evening with Legend

The evening with legend began with a thrilling performance of Mallakhamb and a beautiful dance by students of Kalkeri Sangeet Vidyalaya. The session continued by a panel session with the students of Deshpande Skilling and the beneficiaries of programs of the Deshpande Foundation. Mr. Shivanand and Ms. Shweta Oswal from Deshpande Foundation moderated this session whereas Ms. Sumata and Ms. Annapurna spoke about their experiences at Deshpande Skilling and gave a message to the young people that everyone should be confident and strong! The entrepreneur Saroja shared her journey as an entrepreneur. Mr. Nagappa, farmer shared his experience with the Deshpande Foundation. Mr. Shekhar shared his journey and asked everyone never to give up at any point of life! The young girl, Prati spoke about the DS village program!

The most awaited time of the session began after the panel session! LEADers who worked hard for the whole year were recognized and awarded. Following are the LEADers and Faculty and College, awarded as the best ones for this year.

The evening with legend program continued by the interactive session with the eminent personalities and the guest of honours of the evening. Padmashree Awardee Mr. T. V. Mohandas Pai said that “Bank balance is not the huge thing but helping and developing the society is the biggest thing and that’s what the young generation should concentrate on”. In his talk with Mr. Gururaj “Desh” Deshpande, founder of Deshpande Foundation, he also said that Accept and believe that the city and the community you are living in is yours and you should work for it. Padma Bhushan Awardee, Mr. Ajai Chowdhary, one of the founders of HCL had visited Hubballi for the first time and he said he liked the place and Sandbox Startups holds more responsibility towards the development of the society. He asked everyone to dream bigger and make things happen. As an advice to the youth in the audience, he said: “Failures are the part of life and everyone should take them positively and always seek and work for new opportunities”. “Nowadays, young generation rides the vehicle by viewing the rare mirror which is not a good sign for their future”, said Mr. Rajiv. He said, India is turning into individuals and for individuals, the world is going to hold all kinds of possibilities. The former IPS officer, Mr. K. Annamalai shared his journey with the audience. Upon asking the reason behind resigning from such a powerful position, he said, “India is going to change and I want to shape the country and I want to connect to the youth”. As a message to the audience and especially to the youth present in the audience, he said, “Belief in yourself and your dream, build community leadership connections and when you believe there is intend then work for it no matter what”. The evening with legends definitely affected the crowd in the best possible positive way due to the legendary talks shared by the honorable guests. Mr. Vivek Pawar, CEO Deshpande Foundation gave a vote of thanks and thanked everyone for being present and supporting the event to make it a grand success!

This was the end of an event but the beginning of new hope, new work and a brand new future for all the youth who listened to the storied of LEADers, eminent personalities and honorable guests!

The partners who supported the 10th Yuva Summit are

  • The Classic KAS & IAS Study Circle
  • Deshpande Skilling
  • Akshay Patra

The team who made this event happen is none other than our very own LEAD team!


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