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10 Things you will experience in LEAD Prayana journey!


LEAD Prayana is much more than a leadership journey. It is an opportunity for you to learn from a diversity of topics, travel around the state like never before, and meet a unique group of students. In fact, the whole experience would be impossible to summarize in one blog post; however, here is a small sample of what you can expect.


  1. It begins with a room full of strangers

Whether it’s your first time being away from home or if you’ve attended a Prayana journey before, it can be nerve-racking in the beginning. Being with 120 strangers may make you anxious; however, they are experiencing a new environment just like you. After all, you will be spending every waking moment with these Prayanees. So, its better you meet everyone sooner than later!


  1. …But you will become family by day 14

It may seem like a lot of people, but together you will experience hardships, laughter, and learning. The experience you will gain is something you can share with 119 people for the rest of your life. This is your family for the next 14 days, so support one another and be open to new friendships.


  1. Experience a lifestyle far from your norm

First of all, it’s time to break your habits of sleeping in late. Prayanees start most of the journey days participating in early morning yoga. After yoga, it’s a full day of learning, engaging with speakers, and mingling with other Prayanees. Moreover, each night you will sleep in a different bed and the bus will become your second home. This will be the ultimate test for you to be adaptable to new environments. After this journey, you will be able to thrive in any situation!


  1. Gain inspiration from those you never thought you could

With 119 strangers, it comes with 119 new stories. There will be people from different languages, backgrounds, and states. You’ll meet someone with a completely different experience in life. Take this opportunity to exchange your experiences and gain insights from different perspectives. These are the stories that you will carry with you for the rest of your life.


  1. Learn to use your voice and conquer your public speaking fears

Throughout the journey, you will have plenty of chances to speak up. Whether you’re asking a question in front of the crowd or on a stage to showcase your talents, take every opportunity you can. Speaking in front of others is an asset to leadership.


  1. Meet and listen to your role models


On the journey, you will meet with new role models everyday. Each role model will share their story, failures, challenges, and inspiration. Listen closely and take notes because their words could inspire you to be the next role model. Also, don’t be afraid to ask them questions, because this opportunity might not come again

  1. You will learn new information beyond leadership

Each destination offers valuable information from a diversity of topics. From an aeronautic manufacturing company to staying overnight in a village home, there are many things to be learnt. Moreover, there will be many opportunities for you to learn hands-on in community activities.


  1. Enjoy the ride, because you will experience the diversity of the state

Whatever LEAD Prayana journey you join, you will have the chance to see a state like never before. You will visit over 6 destinations (depending on your journey) and have the pleasure of seeing the state in a different perspective. Although the cities may be only a couple of hours away, you would be surprised what each one has to offer. Take the opportunity to observe each destination and don’t forget to look out the window in the bus!


  1. Get ready to have fun and to show off your dance moves

You’ll spend majority of the day being inspired by role models; however, there will be many opportunities for you to have FUN! There will be games and activities along the ride for you to participate in. Moreover, you’ll get to dance in a flash mob and on the bus rides! Don’t hold back, show us your best moves and join the fun!


  1. Most importantly, you will unleash your leadership potential
Multiple activities conducted in Prayana

After the 14 days, you will gain the confidence and inspiration to make your own leadership decisions. You will be able to use your new experience to start your own projects and make a social impact. This opportunity is rare and not available to everyone your age, so be sure to take advantage of your new leadership qualities.


This opportunity is like no other and will help you with your future in many aspects. So, what are you waiting for?! Follow our social media pages and stay tuned for LEAD Prayana 2020.


Please visit https://www.leadcampus.org to see how you can get involved and make a social impact tomorrow.

Written By: Jodi Cheung

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