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16 Reasons To Experience LEAD Prayana..!!


“Journey”, word itself brings an excitement. We all have experienced multiple journeys or tours with family, friends filled with fun and excitement of destinations. Have you ever imagined how it would be to go on a journey with more than 240 unknown people? Well, then stop imaging and be a part of LEAD Prayana, the LEADership journey with all new people from various part of country will take you to 9 destinations along with the sessions of role models to build up LEADership qualities and to discover best in yourself! Here are the top 16 things Prayana will teach you!

1. Everybody has a story and there’s always a learning from it.

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Every story has its own emotion and everyone has a story. Prayana is this unique journey where deep truths are expressed unfiltered, instantly connecting minds and hearts. 130 new stories, 130 more things to learn and 130 true friends to make. If this thought excites you, then Prayana is the place to be in.

2. Failures are the stepping stones to success.


There is nothing called as an easy success or a shortcut to success. You’ll find that the role models are no different from us. Even they have struggled their way through hardships and gained success. Prayana teaches how common we all are and how we can think out of the box.

3. Discover yourself.


Prayana, as the name indicates, is a journey – a journey of self-discovery, where you uncover various aspects of your personality, your strengths, weaknesses, fears and beliefs. Companies send their top executives to the Himalayas for this. You get it, right here at Prayana.

4. How are you unique from others?


Prayana sets up a stage where you stand out among more than 130 participants. It creates the need in you to think uniquely and act uniquely. This is when you evolve and represent yourself in a unique manner.

5. Time to say goodbye to stage fear or hesitation.

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There is no word like nervousness or hesitation in the dictionary of Prayanees. This 15 days journey will enable you to shed the several layers of inhibition which have accumulated over the years – to showcase the real confident you. It’s time for the lion in you to RROOAARR!

6. Live life like never before.

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15 days of roller coaster living! From 5 star lunches to cooking your own food in farms. You’ll learn to live and thrive, given any situation – a life skill you’ll value throughout your life, long after Prayana. Hop on to live like never before!

7. Different languages, different mindsets and one goal.


LEAD Prayana will be a gathering of diversity. It’ll expose you to different languages and will prove it to you that languages are beautiful while it teaches you one common thing, the hunger to learn!

8. Build your network.


Who doesn’t need a network? Especially today, networking and good contacts can help you open many doors in any walk of life. If you’re looking to build your network, then Prayana is the best place where you’ll meet more than 130 participants from all over the country and make deep bonds with them over 15 days.

9. Learn to ask questions.


Prayana is like a bottle opener, it opens you up. It will create the urge in you to ask questions. It will help you develop the attitude of asking questions! Why? How? And what?

10. Get your Bachelor of Energy and Enthusiasm.


Eh? Sounds confusing? One of the most amazing things about LEAD Prayana is that it instills you with energy and enthusiasm every moment! Even though you’ll be traveling continuously for 15 Days, there will not be a single moment where you’ll feel the fatigue. Such is the beauty of Prayana!

11. Unleash your leadership potentials.


The main motive of Lead Prayana is to unleash the best out of you. This is also the tagline of LEAD Prayana. The point of the whole journey is to improve the leadership qualities among the youth. And without any doubt you’ll be a new person filled with confidence at the end of the journey.

12. Creativity.


It’s not about thinking out of the box, it’s like thinking that there is no box! LEAD Prayana helps you to think without any limits, that’s when you become creative. You’ll be made to think in craziest ways possible.

13. Bring out the craziness.


LEAD Prayana is not only about learning, it’s fun learning or edutainment. It’ll bring out the craziness in you and that’s when you enjoy to the core. Prayana will give you memorable 15 days of your life! After all, you’re truly learning only when you’re having fun.

14. Teamwork.


Lead Prayana is not only about sessions, there will lot of fun filled activities which is based on teamwork. These activities will ignite the competitive spirit in you and also will teach you to work in teams. Teamwork is a vital skill that one should have and Prayana will definitely help you build it.

15. Experience.


Life itself is a journey and you’ll have to experience every part of it. The experiences you pick up throughout the 15 days journey will be most valuable. It’ll will develop you to face anything! It’ll be a wonderful experience!

16. Meet your new Idols every day.


How many 18 to 22 year old boast up meeting and personally interactive with India’s sang and unsung LEADers like few names At Prayana you meet one every day.


“We can go on giving you 16 more points, but you’ll only know the real deal when you experience it. So what are you waiting for? Dive in and make the most of this once in a life opportunity!”

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