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Abacus makes mathematics easy.


Mathematics is an important and compulsory subject in every school. It’s not a difficult subject, but it needs a bit more effort compared to other subjects. Abacus is a beautiful method to make few parts of mathematics easy. The abacus has been around for thousands of years, and is still used in some parts of the world. Sometimes blind people will use an abacus, because they can feel the numbers easily. It is also a fun way for small students to solve math, who feel the subject difficult. 


But not every school provides the facilities to learn abacus. In urban places, we find special classes which provide abacus knowledge. But, in the case of rural areas, we hardly find. So, LEADer Vinay from Bapuji Polytechnic College, Davangere started an initiative of teaching abacus to school students. He too has learnt abacus for around six years and has an excellent knowledge about it. 




He went to a school named Bachpan school, Davangere and seemed for the permission from the principal of the school to teach students how to use an abacus. The school principal was pleased to his offer and allowed him to take the classes for some time everyday for a week. He started his classes by first introducing the students to the instrument used. He then briefed them about its origin, existence, value, and importance of its use and then he taught them how to carry out the calculations on it. It was really fascinating to all the students which created an eagerness to learn to them. On the last day, he also conducted a small test which gave a good result. 



Students, teachers and the school principal were impressed by it. It helped students not only in calculations, but also made math interesting subject for them. Teachers appreciated LEADer with a warm gratitude and asked him to carry on the classes for another week. During the project, he overcame upon the stage fear which he had earlier. He learnt leadership skills, teaching skills, confidence, and courage.  


Written by : Priyanka Kammar

Email ID : priyankaykammar18@gmail.com

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