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Animal Husbandry, Hanging Bridge, Kshetrotsava, and others

LEADer: Raghav Hegde
Location: Kalgadde village, Kadkod village, Belkanda village

Raghav, a LEADer from MES College of Commerce, Sirsi, conducted several projects in his village Kalgadde:

Animal Husbandry(Cow Caring)
·         Raghav Hegde conducted a work shop on animal husbandry (cow caring) in his village Kalgadde .This workshop helped 15 families in the village.
Tailoring and marketing
·        This workshop helped 20 families in the village.

·         Kshetrotsava is an event which encourages farmers to exchange their ideas, practices of farming, seeding, and cultivation. In Kadkod village, with collaboration of Green Foundation Yadalli, more than 200 families got benefit out of this project. The uniqueness of this project is that the event started in a farmer’s field when they were cutting rice plants. The practical demonstrations of harvesting, conservation of seeds, organic food competition gave more value to the program. 
Yoga Camp
·         30 people participated in this camp Raghav held at Kalgadde. Now these villagers are practicing yoga regularly.

Hanging Bridge
·         In Belkanda villagers faced problem of no proper infrastructure facilities to reach their farm. Raghav took initiative to build a hanging bridge for three villages in six places. He convinced villagers to give areca-nut tree for construction of hanging bridge, which helped more than 50 families to travel to their plantations. He used local resources to build hanging bridge.
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