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How did LEAD Alumni, Arpit Srivastava exert the bundle of opportunities to INSPIRE, INNOVATE and EXPLORE?

“The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential… These are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence,” shares LEADer ARPIT SRIVASTAVA, from spiritual city Varanasi. An ordinary student who considered and believed himself just an average which forced himself to feel failure, weak in various fields like communication or academics, and undiscovered internal attributes. He pursued M.Tech in Biotechnology from Lovely Professional University in the year 2015 and is a co-founder of Garden on Concrete. Mr. Abhishek Kumar is the founder who started the project Garden on Concrete which turned up into a startup. The project started in the year 2016 and after two years that is in 2018, it was recognized and socially promoted.
After his graduation, he was placed in AGATI HEALTHCARE Pvt. Ltd. at Indian Institute of Technology (Malviya center for Incubation Innovation and Entrepreneurship)–Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi on the post of Research Scientist. He worked there for a year and then moved on to pursue his M. Tech in Lovely Professional University. 
The zest to join LEAD.
He was happy with his job but not completely satisfied. Once during the LEAD orientation, he learned about the LEAD platform. In the orientation, Ajay Suman Shukla Sir said a statement that “Your actions, research will only get completed when it gives benefit to society directly or indirectly…your name should be there as an ideal.” This statement forced him to rethink the work he was doing which made him speak with his father who has a doctorate in social work. His father said to him, “Society makes a country, the country doesn’t make a society.” The two phrases were touching to him and his introspection translated it in a way that he was eager to join LEAD. According to the rules and regulations if he wasn’t a part of college or any academic institute, he was unable to join LEAD. But his strong intention led him to speak with AJAY Sir and get an opportunity to work voluntarily in LEAD. From then on, whenever he would get leisure time he used to understand the concept and working of LEAD, and slowly, he started putting his efforts into LEAD along with his job.
After joining LEAD, he got courage and confidence and he realized that he does have many choices; many doors are now open for him in the form of opportunities. After one year when he left his job, he was a free bird to work in LEAD with full enthusiasm and motivation. At that time, Mr. Avishek was the program manager and he was given a chance to be a Media intern in LEAD. 3 months of Internship bought him many obstacles and responsibilities which he turned into opportunities and learned a lot from it. It has given him an innovative experience; forcing him to think from all sides. As an Intern, he did realize that both quality & quantity were necessary to exemplify the attributes.
Projects in LEAD.
“Love, Truth, and Support are my biggest strength which helps me to act with an honest attempt,” says Arpit. He has done 12 projects in LEAD and reached 1500 people with a positive impact on society. SAMANVAY and VRIKSHAROPAN are his two big projects.
SAMANVAY was his first project. This means to make a get together with joyful experiences. The objective of this project was to make college youth students well aware and experience in Soft Skills. As in his graduation, Arpit had received many awards such as community outreach and public speaking skills, in soft skills sessions. Thus, he had improvised his talent for those students who don’t have any idea about the importance of soft skills. Every Sunday he conducted sessions for the youth in Varanasi and improvised his network along with the session. 20 students were trained under LEADer Arpit for almost a time period of 1 year which was distributed into sessions according to the free time of students.
VRIKSHAROPAN is an initiative to give identity to the useless nonliving materials like large drums and containers to protect living beings. He planted many plants in those waste materials and also used his roof area to plant small herbs and vegetables like Coriander leaves, Tulsi, Garlic, Lemon, Tomato, Beans, and Aloe Vera. In this way, he is contributing to protecting the environment and nature, and he thinks that our society will also look forward to contributing on their level and can help in sustainably conserving nature. He says, “Everything present on this Earth has its own identity; it’s just a way of perception; which gives him enough strength to prove that he does have potential to make things alive.”AADHAR, SATH, IWD 17, Zika Virus towards Medicine are few other projects that he did. These projects were built on the concept of solving issues of society on an individual basis. The projects helped him improve his skills and he learned about public speaking, negotiation with government authorities, and LEADership skills.
Arpit’s Prayana Journey in his words.
Twinkling in the night and rising in the day, I loved nature and the ecosystem of LEAD Prayana”- LEADer Arpit.
Leader Arpit attended LEAD Prayana Journey in the year 2018. He expresses, “PRAYANA is a Journey from Noun to being Adjective. It is not a part of living while traveling; it’s an ART of living life where I observe how people came across India and set up a positive environment for the social ecosystem.” He says, “People I met like Mr. Anshu Gupta, Founder GOONJ, Mr. Dilip Modi, CEO & Director SPICE CONNECT and intellectual Professor like Dr. Rajiv Sanghal, Director IIT-BHU, Varanasi had inspired and given lessons of attachment with social and technical nature. Places like Varanasi, Chandwara Village, Vrindavan, Kanpur, Delhi NCR, and Karnataka: every single place has become a transforming field for me. Domains like Social work, Science hub, Sports, Techno Innovate center, Delhi, Shelter homes and Acknowledgement of Human learning which I perceive from these places helped me to define my Life Track.”
Events and awards in LEAD.
He has participated in many events of LEAD like Yuva summit, LEAD Summit, LEAD Valedictory, LEAD LEADership Program, and Development Dialogue. After completing 2 years in LEAD, with many projects, positive outcomes, participation, and volunteer work, he had received the biggest award of LEAD that is LEAD Ambassador and Best LEADer award in LEAD Valedictory 2017 in Ek Soch Sandbox. In Yuva Summit 2016, his project was selected for the showcase. He exclaims, “Thanks in part to the confidence and skills I learned in LEAD, I won the first award in the Entrepreneurial Business Presentation at Kashi Institute of Tech, Varanasi. I presented a model “BioDeX”, a reactor that can help in detoxifying toxic chemicals that are used in dye industries. Unwanted dyes directly drained into water bodies which makes it contaminated for living beings.”
One of the stimulants to the start of LPU LEAD Cell.
For the first time, the HOD of his university received a letter from “Ek Soch Sandbox” that Arpit has been selected for an international conference named YUVA SUMMIT 2017 as his project has been selected for the showcase. Enlightened by this news, his H.O.D started getting all information about the organization and decided to open a cell on campus. So, his objective was on a positive track. Arpit had done few projects on campus with the help of his HOD, Er. Himanshu Singh and HOS, Dr. Neeta Raj Sharma to create awareness and motivate other students to join LEAD. 
One of the perfect examples of a major project done after setting up LPU LEAD CELL was SHIKSHA BANK. The project aimed to provide all stationary resource material on a basis of donations and contributions to the students in a government primary school. The project was implemented at a school in Madhopur village of Chiharu area of Punjab. The funds raised in the SHIKSHA BANK not only helped the students to reach out for the educational resources but also created an awareness of education’s importance and the value of both education as well as money to the students. The success of the project was recognized in the YUVA SUMMIT 2018.
Today, both organizations are in the phase to sign MoU to provide more opportunities for upcoming students in University. So, the mission of LPU LEAD CELL is to provide Entrepreneurial awareness among students and to help them in unleashing their leadership potential through various activities.
The Ultimate part.
“Those who Think they Can’t, Those who ACT, they CAN”
Currently, LEADer, Er. Arpit Srivastava is working as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biotechnology at AKS University, Satna, Madhya Pradesh.
Being a LEADer & an entrepreneur, as well as a LEAD intern, he is using his academic & social strength for the betterment of society and he says, “What was my weakness yesterday; today that is my strength.” The outcome is now positive for him; it teaches him how to inculcate, evaluate himself on a socio-technical platform, and how to explain his views professionally. LEAD, not only gave him a platform but also gave him an identity that cannot be earned by other means.
Today, he is not a continuous part of ESS, but he is a part partially.   He expresses his gratitude saying, “I congratulate and thank the LEAD PRAYANA team, Ek Soch Sandbox for giving me a bundle of opportunities to INSPIRE, INNOVATIVE & ENGAGE self in action-oriented surroundings.”
Written by : Priyanka Kammar 
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