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Art is a gift and everyone is gifted


Team Leader: Swati Hedge

Team: Pallavi Hegde and Ravi Bhat

Project Date:  18th November

Place of Implementation: Yellapur, Sirsi

olours are the best way of illustrating a message. Swati and team demonstrated this by organizing a drawing competition on pollution for the students of NO3 School at Yellapur. The LEADer believed that this competition not only conveyed an important message about pollution but also develops a love for art in the students. The team intended to provide a platform for students to explore their artistic talents that otherwise might be neglected. The team raised 1000 Rs.  and utilized another 700 Rs. that were sanctioned. Teachers and judges assisted the team in ensuring that the competition was fair and everyone had a good time! The theme for the competition was pollution. The winners of thecompetition won prizes such as colour pens, books, paints and more. The team initially faced problems of a low participation rate and some resistance from the teachers. The team convinced them about the project and ensured that 90 students took part in the competition. Overall, the project was fulfilling and rewarding to students and organizers alike. The judges were happy about the initiative and the teachers were glad that such an event was undertaken.

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