LEAD Stories

Introducing basic english to kids

A solid knowledge of English is important, but many students do not have this basic knowledge that they need to succeed.  LEADer Rekha from SJM Women's Art College wanted to improve the English skills of her fellow students.  She gave an introduction about English literature for 150 first-year BA students.  Rekha received positive feedback from the staff and the students....
LEAD Stories

Awareness on fuel wastage

When people drive and stop to wait for traffic signals, they usually leave their vehicles on.  However, this practice wastes a lot of fuel, and this wasted fuel is harmful for the environment and costly for the vehicle owners.  LEADer Sanket of GIT, Belgaum, stationed themselves at busy intersections in Belgaum-Kittur Ranichenamma Circle, Bogarves, and Station Circle, during heavy Saturday afternoon traffic, and requested the drivers to turn off their vehicles while they wait at the signals....
LEAD Stories

Dental camp at Gulbarga

LEADer Sangmesh from NV Degree College, Gulbarga, accompanied some of his fellow LEADers on a visit to a deaf and dumb school.  While interacting with the children at the school, Sangmesh noticed that many of the children, some as young as 5 years old, were not receiving proper dental care-their gums were infected and their teeth were decaying.  Recognizing the severity of this issue, Sangmesh decided to implement a solution for this problem.  He approached a well-known dentist in Gulbarga and asked for help.  The dentist denied Sangmesh's request at...
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