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Computer Education

Team Leader: Shweta Bhat Team Members : Prasanna Sarkuli Project Date: December 2010 College : First Grade Government College Place of Implementation: Jagdamba High school Nearly 165 Jagdamba High School students are now computer literate because Shweta Bhat, Prasanna, and Sarkuli, took it upon themselves to educate them in basic computer skills, such as the use of Word, Powerpoint, Paint etc. Shweta obtained permission from the school authorities, who were initially hesitant. Having divided the 165 students into 12 groups, the team taught 2 groups each day and thus completed...
LEAD Stories

Art impressions

Chaitra of JGCC, Hubli organized an executed an art competition, called "Art Impressions", to give students a platform for artistic and creative expression.  As many as 325 students participated in the competition and 16 awards were given away in 2 different categories. Chaitra aspires to become a driving force in the nation and aims to never blame anyonSwearing into be the driving force of our nation and truly abides by the LEAD motto, which states, “COMPLAINTS... START WITH 'THEY', SOLUTIONS... START WITH 'I'  ...
LEAD Stories

Renovation of parks

LEADer: Ravi Jambaladinni Place of Implementation: Srinagar, Dharwad. Project Period: 15/10/2008 to 27/10/2008 Project Description: Plants form a basic and important part of nature. Due to the exploitation of nature by man, nearly 33% of forest cover has depleted. Due to inefficiency of municipal corporation and other local bodies, a garden in Dharwad was left unhygienic due to which people don't use it. The LEADer took initiative to clean up the garden and maintain it. He planted many saplings to enhance the greenery in the garden....
LEAD Stories

Computer education

LEADer: Kalmesh Kallur Place of Implementation: Shivappa Jigalur School Project Period: 10/06/2008 to 6/12/2008 Project Description: In this competitive world, there is a need for computer knowledge and presentation ability. Without these, a person is unable to communicate effectively. The LEADer took this opportunity to educate students about computers, communication skills, and presentation skills to help them gain a competitive edge over others. Around 100 students were benefited by this project....
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Career guidance

LEADer: Mallikarjun Kumbari Place of Implementation: Dharwad Project Period: 25/10/2008 to 25/11/2008 Project Description: The idea behind the project was to guide the rural masses to have better careers. Nearly 60% of the rural masses do not have a perfect picture about their future or their career. The LEADer analyzed their interests and financial states and suggested careers that could match them and be affordable....
LEAD Stories

Small hands can handle a pen better. Lend your support to abolish child labor

LEADer: Harsha Balur Place of Implementation: Vidya Nagar, Hubli Project Period: 17/01/2009 to 12/2/2009 Project Description: "The World revolves around the children. Children's future revolve around education. Stop Child Labor." Child Labor is one of the hurdles that our country is facing today. Many of the hotels in Hubli-Dharwad hire child laborers. Harsha along with his team took an initiative to eradicate child labor. They went to the hotels who hired child laborers and freed them. They also advised hotel owners to stop hiring child laborers and helped in educating...
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