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What was Gururaj Badiger’s motive behind developing the Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser?


LEADer Gururaj Badiger pursuing Engineering in BLDEA CET, Vijayapur joined LEAD in the year 2k18 as advised by his friends that “LEAD is a great platform to work on ideas.” The leader has been very active in taking small initiatives along with the other leaders in the college and through the process he has learnt the leadership qualities as we strongly believe in the concept of learning by doing. Gururaj was selected for the LEAD PRAYANA in 2020 – a journey to unleash the leadership potential by visiting the destinations across Karnataka with more than 100 students, which was a wonderful experience for him and believes that he learned a lot of new things and gained knowledge from activities and hands on learning, enjoyed with new friends, met and had sessions with prominent personalities regarding “LEADERSHIP and ENTREPRENEURSHIP Skills” and has made him think differently and efficiently having the purpose in doing anything.

Gururaj Badiger with his invention.

When Guru was thinking about a dangerous pandemic situation; sanitizing the hands will play a very important role to fight against ‘COVID 19’, he just got an idea which struck his mind about why can’t he make a contactless sanitizer machine? There are several sanitizing units available in the market but all are to be touched/pressed by hand/leg to get the hands sanitized. This idea led him to make an amazing product named “Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser.”

Nirman Tech Poster

He has successfully developed the ‘Contactless sanitizer vending machine‘ and the product has hit the market. The first customer was his own college who encouraged the idea and was motivated to further develop the product as per the needs of the customers. His friends, family, and other people were appreciative of the amazing product and his work which boosted the spirit of Gururaj to do more as his idea is helping the society. His ability to implement his ideas to address the day-to-day needs of society is commendable. His irrigation project and sanitizer dispenser at the cheapest rate are examples of his concern towards societal problems. The management, The Principal, and all the staff members of BLDEACET are proud to have such bright students in their Institute by seeing Guru as his initiative has encouraged and motivated students to do research and developments to meet the ever-changing demands of the society by getting solutions to the needs of the society.

Media coverage of Nirman Tech.

Since the product is in the starting phase he says the work is still in its beginning stage. Expanding and implementing the idea into the product was difficult but facing problems for getting the required components and getting the necessary transport on time was the most difficult challenge. The process of developing the product has been memorable and experiential. He has plans of upgrading the product as per the needs of the people or the organisations using it. Gururaj is having the strong urge to be a social entrepreneur which will benefit society on a massive scale.

We wish Gururaj Badiger ‘ALL THE VERY BEST’ for his future endeavors!



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