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LEADer teaches beautician courses to women.


Many prominent LEADers say,”Learning has no age limits.” Life becomes more worthy to live and meaningful, if a person always focuses on learning. It might be something small or big, that doesn’t matter. All matters is learning from what you do. And if this learning contributes in leading your life comfortably and independently, then it adds more colourful essence to your livelihood.


LEADer Yugashree from Bapuji Polytechnic College, Davangere joined LEAD through the orientation program conducted by Mr. Krishnaji at her college. She came up with an amazing initiative to teach women in rural areas about beautician courses. This initiative would solve problems of many women who are beauty conscious and they can earn good from this source. LEADer Yugashree is a beautician. She has practiced the course for a long term and is a perfectionist. She thought to teach poor women who are housewives and are interested to learn this course. 


She started from gathering women who were interested in this field and came across 15 women who chooses to learn. She took classes for them and thought them. She first explained them theoretically about the products, their uses, implementation, process to use, their pros and cons. She also taught them to apply mehendi and do embroideries on clothes. She briefed them about how this course would help them to make money on their own. 


All the women who learnt and then started their own parlours were very happy to learn this course at very low fee and they appreciated her efforts. She could help 15 women to be independent by earning and this was the most beautiful fruit to her efforts. She says,”Instead of staying at home, women should start to work and be independent.”

Written by: Priyanka Kammar

Email ID: priyankaykammar18@gmail.com

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