Yuva summit

How 18 youth became the saviours of many in the hour of need at Ballari?


A single person can definitely work hard and complete any task, but when a group works together on the same task, it’s really a complete different thing. Work gets distributed, time used will be reduced, more fun and learnings with team mates, and many things. So did the team of Ballari college came into existence with Mr. Jagdeesh who was the one to start with the team. Everyone interested to work for the group projects were given an opportunity to join the group and take up various initiatives.

The 10th Yuva Summit was a great experience for the whole team of Ballari. With support of Tanveer Mam, we were given an opportunity to volunteer. This gave delicious toppings to our learnings and enjoyment. Taking up the responsibility of volunteering taught us techniques to work in a team and manage things. The project showcase was a beautiful one. It reflected the hard work of the LEADers in helping the society. Sessions with LEADers, Proud Alumni and role models were enthusiastic and filled with motivation. Each inspiring story evoked the rhythm of path to success and clarity towards wisdom. Evening with legends was also an enlightening experience to the whole group.


The most beautiful and proud moment was when the team of RYMEC was awarded for the Best Group Project. We were on the peak of happiness. Two projects that are anganwadi construction and flood relief project were awarded. And the team consisted of 18 LEADers. To successfully complete their project, the team worked hard and smart. They formed small groups among themselves and distributed the work which made it easy to work. We felt so blessed to receive the award from the Legends present during the session. Our team was again awarded by our college principal in one of our college functions. Also, it was published in various newspapers.

Every effort has a beautiful result! The outcome of these two initiatives was fabulous. The anganwadi construction project resulted in a beautiful and good surrounding for the students, and the flood relief project helped thousands of needy people during the hilarious scenario. It took 6 months for 18 LEADers to raise Rs. 4 lakh and to complete the half built Anganwadi in Janekunte village. On 2nd August 2019, the school was inaugrated with 35 students enrolled and 1 teacher is employed at the school. In the case of flood relief project, Rs. 3,50,000 was raised and used to distribute more than 300 kits which contained all basic necessary items to around 500 people stuck in flood in the Chigadolli and Melavanki villages near Gokak. 47 LEADers and 7 faculties worked around 14 days to help the flood affected areas. Also, after the floods; when a school was filled with mud of over 2 feet, LEADers with 2 more helpers from the village cleaned it within 1 day and reopened the school.

LEAD has given me so many opportunities to make my thoughts reality,” says LEADer Sanjay who is a part of the team. He says that LEAD has changed his life completely. “Also, the award received for our projects increased the level of confidence within me to do more,” says Sanjay.

Another LEADer, Rashmi from the group says,”LEAD platform has helped her to work on the responsibility to serve the society.” She says that it was surprising for her to receive the award for their group and her happiness doubled when the people of Ballari praised them after they were back to their place attending Yuva Summit.

The team says that their future plan is continuing the other development project in the same village to make it a complete digital village. And adopting another village near Ballari and converting it into a digital village. We are proud to be a part of LEAD and help the society.

We, LEAD family congratulate them and wish them good luck for their next coming ideas.

To read about their projects please visit the below links.
Written by : Priyanka Kammar
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