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What inspired LEADer Shubham to join LEAD?


“Health is one of the valuable assets human beings have. When we stay strong and fit we can do anything that we want to,” says LEADer Shubham Kumar who pursued Masters in Journalism and Mass Communication degree from Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi.


How was his life going on before he joined LEAD?

Before joining LEAD, I was working with many NGOs in Varanasi and nearby villages. Many of them offered me many opportunities to enhance myself. I used to volunteer for social events, but when I joined LEAD it gave me the biggest platform I ever had. And I’m very glad that I joined at the very right time.


What attracted and motivated him to join LEAD?

I joined LEAD in September 2018. It’s not like that someone inspired me, but LEAD itself motivated me. The dedication to the society of my friends(the students) brought me here. One of the most important things that inspired me is self-improvement of students, by the students, and with students.


How was LEADer Shubham Kumar’s experience in the 10th Yuva Summit 2020 and in Evening with Legends?

10th Yuva Summit 2020 was one of the best parts of my life, as it was a celebration for me of my achievement. I was happy to know that my project was one of the impactful projects selected for the project showcase. When eminent personalities came towards me and had a small conversation with me regarding my project, they all appreciated me a lot which made me realize that I am working for the best. It boosted my confidence level. I made many good friends and exchanged our ideas and creativity.

When it comes to the speakers. The best session which I felt was LEAD Alumni, at a very young age they had achieved so many things. Also, the role model and LEADers session inspired me. I found the Yuva Summit to be full of motivation and inspiration. It is the best event I have ever visited before. It is one of the worth attending events, where students can learn to find their path to achieve.  Every student must attend the Yuva Summit, as it is a life-changing experience for all.

He further says, “Evening with the Legends was a good session too, and I was awarded the best project award for my project. I was very happy as I received it. It was one the best parts of my life I ever dreamt of. I will be even working in the future and will reach more people. LEAD has given me the opportunity to prove myself. I will always keep myself engaged with social work.”


What is the impactful and outstanding initiative taken by Shubham for him to be awarded, The Best Project Award?

As I joined LEAD in 2018 through an orientation program. I was waiting to do something worthy to society. I decided to do the project in rural areas where they should be benefited. As people from rural areas are unaware of most of the things. So, my project was health and hygiene, where I and my team had worked on this project day and night along with my team-mates Anchal, Pooja, Drishika, and Nandini. Visiting villages, campaigning, creating awareness programs, and free medical checkups for poor people. I took up this initiative because poor people can’t afford medical expenses. So, in the association with Maxwell hospital, I made it possible and easy for the poor people to get medical checkups and medication. Over 15 villages were covered, and around 10000 people were benefited.

To know more about my project please click the link below.



How has LEAD changed him as an individual?

LEAD boosted my self-confidence and I thought it is my greatest achievement in LEAD. As now I can make my own decisions, strategies, work efficiently in a team and lots of things which I can’t even explain. In my life, LEAD has taught me about responsibility, we have to take responsibility and we should never escape from it. Once we take responsibility and stand we are able to handle the problems easily.


What does Shubham want to say other LEADers and students?

Maybe my view sounds cliche but believe me, I don’t want to choose anything for sharing. Each and every work of LEAD is worth sharing and inspiring. Every moment and every learning is worth here. In brief, I would like to say, if you join LEAD it will surely change your life and you will find the right path for your life here.


What are Shubham’s present and future plans?

Currently, I’m volunteering against COVID 19 by spreading awareness about sanitation and safety measures. He also promises that he will keep himself engaged with social work and help the needy.

We, LEAD family, express our wish to him, and good luck for the future. LEAD is proud of Shubham for his dedication and contribution. It’s an immense glory for LEAD platform to spread even in the northern part of our country.

Written by : Swaroop Kotagi 

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