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Working in a bunch is powerful than working alone.


Student lifeStudent life is a golden life! Someone has said it right. The colleges’ are a part of every student who not only pursues his graduation but also pursues the ability to fulfill their dream. Every student has a desire to get admitted into the top-most college for better placement and build a stable career. Not all students get the top listed college in this competitive generation, but we don’t need to worry because the government colleges are even better in their way. We neglect government colleges because of poor infrastructure and management, but the reality is government colleges provide well-facilitated infrastructure and highly qualified lecturers too.

Here, we have Government Polytechnic College, Hiriyur which is best in its way with the best supportive lectures who encourage their students not only in academics but also in other co-curricular activities. Students of this college are full of enthusiasm to learn and work. Being from a rural background does not stop them in any way. They are always ready to join their hands to build a strong, and wealthy society.

Mr. Vasudeva, the principal of Government Polytechnic College, Hiriyur, always supports his students for social welfare and innovative activities. In the year 2018, in coordination with the LEAD mentor, Mr. Vasudeva introduced the LEAD program in his college for the overall development of the students. As most of the students belong to rural backgrounds they needed opportunities to explore, learn, and a platform to perform. He found a LEAD program that can help his students to explore, discover and learn. In the very first year of introducing the program, he found the change which he wanted to see in his students.

Some of the best initiatives of GPT students are women empowerment, pension scheme, digital education, yoga for life, adoption of deaf and dumb schools, and awareness program on personal hygiene and menstruation. Few of these initiatives performed by students were showcased in the 10th Yuva Summit 2020.

Even, during the floods in North-East districts of Karnataka students raised more than 40,000 rupees for the flood relief fund. Students of GPT colleges actively participate in the LEAD events and even perform their best. Students have even completed projects like save water, bird feeder, helmet, and plantation.

Mr. Vasudeva has seen significant changes in his students. Today, students of GPT college have become responsible LEADers of society. Their performances and initiatives are appreciated throughout the state and, even being highlighted on various social media platforms. Since two years of his constant support and students efforts resulted in the achieving Best Supportive College Award in the 10th Yuva Summit 2020.

Mr. Vasudeva says that it was a wonderful experience for him at the 10th Yuva Summit 2020, as it was a proud celebration moment for the achievement. He says, “I got a chance to hear many great personalities of our country, and it was the best moment for me to see my students in the project showcase and receiving awards on such a wonderful platform. LEAD is the best program that has helped my students to come forward and perform. Most of the time rural area students don’t get enough opportunities, but the LEAD program gives the required opportunities to them. I suggest all the government and rural colleges introduce a LEAD program in their college for self-transformation of students where they can enjoy the beautiful opportunities.”
In the future, he promises to keep encouraging and supporting the students to perform and grow. “Few of my students have attended the LLP camp and LEAD Prayana. When they returned, I saw that students have transformed into leaders with full confidence, and their initiative and working ability were at their peak and, they also motivated other students of the college to perform. It gave me endless happiness,” says Mr. Vasudev.
Mr. Vasudev along with his co-lecturers has found the path which he wanted to show his students to lead a beautiful life and career. “Nothing can stop you, if you have made up your mind to achieve something, then you will achieve it. Your efforts will never be wasted,” says Mr.Vasudev.
“Our principal and lecturers are supporting pillars for us. They not only support us but also motivate us to perform best. Every Saturday one of the lecturers, Ms. Sushma conducts a workshop for us, and we learn many new things while participating in activities. It was a wonderful movement for me when my college received the Best Supportive College Award,” says Pooja, a student of Government Polytechnic College, Hiriyur.

Another student Dinesh says, “I am blessed to have Mr. Vasudev Sir as my principal. He supports us a lot and even motivates us. I am enjoying and performing my best. Our principal, Mr.Vasudev Sir, and lecturer, Ms. Sushma mam have supported us a lot. They always guide and help us in planning and executing our project plans. I have never taught our Government Polytechnic College will receive the Best Supportive College Award during Yuva Summit. It was a proud reward for the whole college.”
LEAD family, wishes All the best in the future to all students and staff of Government Polytechnic College, Hiriyur. And express gratitude for their amazing cooperation with LEAD.

Written by : Swaroop Kotagi

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