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Birsa Munda – An Ordinary leader with extraordinary determination.


In the world full of pop heroes, fantasy heroes, and sports heroes, we should never forget to look at the real heroes who sacrificed their life for the sake of the nation. One such personality is Birsa Munda, the first tribal leader of India who played a crucial role in the liberating his tribe people and participates in freedom fight during British Rule in India. He is the only tribal leader in Indian history who participated in the freedom struggle.

100 years before, the south part of Bihar region was covered with dense forests. It was a house of many tribals. Mundas were one among them. They survived on the fruits and vegetables found in the forests. They worked in the fields of landlords and earned 5 to 10 Rs. a day for their leaving. They worked hard to earn for their survival. They did not own any land. They were leaving a harsh life. In this period Birsa Munda was born on November 15, 1875, in Ulihatu, Jharkhand, India. His father Sugana Munda was an agricultural laborer, and his mother was, Karmi Hatu. He was one of the several children in his family.

As a child, Birsa was a unique child. He always spoke matured things than his age and left the people amused about his words. He was taken to his maternal uncle’s village, Ayubhatu. He completed his basic education from the German Mission School. Therefore, he was converted to Christianity as Birsa David and got enrolled in the school. After returning he demanded his father for his further education. His parents agreed reluctantly. Thought the education he had seen all the religions closely. He was very well aware of all the struggles the tribals are undergoing.

From 1886 to 1890, Chaibasa, a place where his family stayed, came under the influence of the Sardars activities. He was influenced by the activities and decided to support the anti-Government movement. In 1890 he gave up the membership in the German mission to support the Sardar’s movement. Later he participated in the popular agitation movement against the unjust laws enforced upon the traditional rights of the Mundas in the protected forest. During the early 1890s, he educated the people about basic cleanliness and hygiene. His followers started following his words and actions. He started spreading awareness among the common people and his followers about the plans of the British company to gain total control of India. He banned the people from paying tax to the British government. They also stopped working in the fields of landlords and started working in their own fields. They took back the land which belonged to them. He cured the diseases by following cleanliness processes. People started thinking of him as a godly figure and every instruction he gave. They started the rebellious moments against the British.

Thus Birsa was imprisoned for 18 months. After his release, thousands of mundas visited him. He called off for the fight “Ulgana” where the whole hid in the dense forests and killing the British. One day the British army attacked the tribe and arrested them. The Birsa was kept in a separate prison and was declared dead on 9th June 1900 at Ranchi jail. He died at the age of 25. He fought till the last breath and was successful in keeping his name alive in the golden pages of history. He is a real hero who has sacrificed his whole life in fighting for his people. Till today the people at Bihar, Orissa, and Jharkhand, etc. worship him as a godly figure. He is a real leader with an extraordinary determination which made unique than others.

Written By: Vaishnavi N Patil

Mail Id: vaishnavinpatil6@gmail.com

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