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Vaidyo Narayano Harih!


30th January 2020

Dearest Diary,

“Aushadham jahanavitoyam 

Vaidyo Narayano Harih!”

This shloka was taught by my Dadu, when I was a kid of 11 years. Since then I dreamt to be what I am today, a Doctor! Tragedy is, the shloka is no more valued today. Not in a country like India. The shloka says “medicine should be considered as sacred as river Ganga and a doctor as the Lord Narayana himself.” But today neither a God nor a doctor has value. All that rules is money. It’s been 20 years today that Dadu has left us. He’s fortunate enough not to witness what’s happening in the world of doctors. “Health is wealth!” – Today these are mere words but, for me my duty is everything. BeingDa doctor was my choice and I will be one till the very end.  All the patients who visited me today, may they get well soon. That kid with a scar on her knee reminds me of my childhood. A cancer patient died in our hospital today, I couldn’t see her husband moan over her death. Also today India has witnessed its first corona virus case. The news didn’t actually make noise. But I hope the cases won’t increase and so will never make it to a news.  Sigh! However the show must go on..

– A Doctor on his duty who has no value in society.

30th April 2020.

Dear Diary,

Some attitudes doesn’t change even after decades, and some change within months. A lesson that India had forgotten for decades is now revised. All of a sudden, people have realized that the ‘Vaidya’ is a human form of ‘Narayana’.  ‘Corona virus’ has turned out to be a landslide that changes the geographical structure! Corona virus has brought such changes in India that even the greatest leaders couldn’t. More than 30K Indians have tested positive for ‘Covid-19’. The whole India is under ‘Lockdown’. And we doctors are working day and night with no difference at all. It’s been nearly two months, I’ve not seen my parents or wife or my little kids. I don’t know if I’ll ever see them once again. Time to speak on calls or write this diary are minutes before I have to run for another patient. Wearing safety suits and masks will suffocate me to death. But after all, do I have an option? For now, I don’t know how the world looks outside the hospital(I have heard they are not okay being inside their homes safely. Stupidity it is.), and the whole world is saluting us, the doctors. They now call us ‘The God’ and also ‘Corona warriors’. Irony plays well at times. When we couldn’t control their colds and coughs and charged money for such, they called us  ‘Idiots in white’. Now we are ‘Warriors in white’. Time changes. And dear Dadu, you should’ve been here ‘cause now ‘Vaidyo Narayano harih’ is proved right! However, ‘idiot’ or ‘warrior’, my loyalty will always be with my duty. 

-A corona Warrior? No.

A doctor on duty!


I remember reading it somewhere, a man will understand the value of water when his home is on fire. And so when today all of our lives are risked for a virus- in this medical emergency, we understand the value and the importance of Doctors- the health soldiers. They have worked for our health for decades and more. They will always. But we forgot their value. We don’t even know to imagine a world without them. Just like water -essential but not valued- doctors live their life for us. After all this storm, let’s take a lesson of a school textbook; a value taught in home; a concept everyone needs to regard and a truth everyone needs to accept- “Vaidyo narayano Harih.”


Written by:  Amrutha Melant

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