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Who are the frontline warriors?


The world was going through the worst of times and all we had in our mind was Quarantine. Yes, this is what COVID19 did to us. All we were supposed to do is to sit back home to be safe and secure.

Not everyone could afford being safe. In a frivolous pandemic outbreak, health workers at home would mean a disaster and them being face to face with an infected person meant war. And hence these doctors, nurses and lab technicians better called “Frontline Warriors” are undoubtedly the ones who have been defeating the virus from day one fighting all odds. 

This pandemic uncovered the warrior in every person around us, a sanitation worker, pharmacist, grocer, newspaper boy and many more. The warrior list grows bigger with journalists giving us numbers and information, employees of electricity supply and telecom companies who made sure our home time was happy.

The list would be incomplete without the bigwigs and NGOs who donated food, shelter and all they could to make the hungry have a meal. We found many new heroes, the one who cycled her sick father for 1200km or a man who created a low cost ventilator just to name a few.

The biggest contributor though in the war against COVID-19 would be every person who didn’t step out and made sure the spread was contained. Anything we do is just not a tribute big enough to our Corona Warriors. Staying home is probably near to big enough. Stay Home Stay Safe.

Written by : Nachiket Jamadar

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