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Gratitude to the guiding lights of our nation!


Corona Warriors inspire us to be better at challenging times. During this pandemic condition, the warriors play an important role in serving and protecting the citizens of India. It’s really very difficult to think about others when your own survival is at risk but without thinking about the risk they are taking. They are working for the sake of citizens. Will you lend your helping hands to the people in need, we may be risking the well-being of our loved ones.

India is in a critical stage in its fight against COVID-19. Coronavirus claimed thousands of lives, has shaken the government, and crashed the market. It has already failed to crush the indomitable spirits of Corona warriors like doctors, nurses, paramedics, playschool teachers, health workers; they have continued their work to, combat the disease as this war India can’t afford to lose.

India is pinning it’s the hope of containing the outbreak of social distancing and complete lockdown and success are down to the effort of unknown selfless, workers, nurses, paramedics, police working 24×7 to support India’s fight novel corona. They are sacrificing everything to win and make India win against this novel corona and they are doing so while making an immense sacrifice on the personal front. The medical providers are the people, who are most in cases can’t go home. They are risking their lives and that of families, to make sure that our families are safe. The risk factors have been dangerously high due to the absence of PPE, doctors sacrifice their own lives in the practice of medicine. In truth, every war, every human conflict, every epidemic, and pandemic kills the doctor.

Now the coronavirus is killing healthy doctors and nurses, too. Also during praise are those whose efforts make up the entire infrastructure and functional society. Such as grocery stores, and pharmacy staff, and other emergency persons. A month ago Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi had asked to come on their balconies, littery give applause, and light the lamp by giving respect to the warriors.

Across the country doctors, nurses, and ambulance drivers are being attacked. The medical professional and front line workers are being stigmatized as suspects warriors of novel coronavirus, many have been threated too. The role of journalist and media also is important. During this lockdown periods, journalists are visiting the contaminated zones. Apart from green, orange or even red zones designated by state government, the role of journalists and media persons cannot be underestimated nor undermined during this pandemic and just like a police, doctors, nurses and government personal.


The unsung heroes are on the forefront because of their sense of responsibility, compassion and deep expertise. Discriminating their heroes is absolutely uncalled at this time. It’s crucial that people providing essentially services, especially those who are battling on the frontline. Service our support rather than our suspicion. Let us thank all the warrior for hard work and support during this different time, your humility, kindness and strength are greatly appreciated.

Thanks for all once again for being our nation guiding light in the face of this adversity.


Written by : Akshatha Upadhya 

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