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A motto of police officer is to protect and to serve. and to


Hello, this is senior constable Krishna, I’m here to share my small story with you. When I was 12 years old my father used to say many brave stories about the police. During that age itself I decided to become a police officer. I got inspired from my father’s stories. My father is a vegetable seller and his friend is  working as Head constable in Kukatpalli Police station, Hyderabad. With his help I became a constable and I worked very hard for three years and then I gota promotion. Now I’m a senior constable. After formation of Telangana government constable’s salary is also increased. I’m really happy with my work.


The best police officers are constantly learning, training, and improving themselves. They challenge themselves to be better today than they were yesterday, gathering experience and applying it’s lessons as they continue their careers. The best police officers take all that knowledge. The Motto of a police officer is “To protect and to serve.” And I’m really proud to be a police officer of Telangana state and I’m serving and protecting my state. 

 We all know about Corona virus. It just changed our world. It also played many different roles in my life. Let me share my experience with you all. It’s march 15th 2020. I just finished my duty and I returned back to my home at 9pm. My father turned on the TV,  my wife was preparing dinner, my kids were playing with toys.  Soon after switching to a news channel I heard about the closing of institutions. Our chief minister declared holidays for schools, colleges and other organizations. I don’t know why, but yeah I heard about a Corona virus killing people of China and other countries. My kids were so happy because they don’t have school now. I finished my dinner and I went to sleep.


 I went to my duty the next day as usual.


It’s 22nd- march-2020. Our prime minister announced a complete lockdown for one day. Every one closed their shops, schools, colleges, software industries and many other industries. Everyone is resting at home except police officers and  doctors. We got an order from the control room to go to Dhilshuk Nagar for patrolling. With my team we went to Dhilshuk Nagar colony. I haven’t seen my city like this before. Each and every street was empty. No one was roaming on the roads. We all know that Hyderabad is a city of traffic. But on that day it was completely different. I haven’t seen my city like that before. That day lockdown was pretty successful. Everyone stayed at home. But still Corona cases were increasing day by day. We had done our duty with social distance. I returned back to my home at 9pm. I turned on the TV again and I heard another news that this lock down will continue like this for 14 days. But I’m sure that I won’t get any holiday.  

It’s 23- march-2020, many citizens started coming outside. Again we got an order from the control room to continue patrolling in Dhilshuk Nagar colony.  On 22nd-march-2020 no one was there on roads but now there are few citizens coming outside for no reason. On one side Media is also warning people to not to go outside for silly reasons. But, no one was listening. Our team had stopped many citizens, they were all saying silly reasons. We also got powers from our higher officials to  take a loty charge. Like that it became a hard day to handle people. Our duty was finished. I returned to my home. Like this it happened for 14 days. Many celebrities raised challenges to stay at home, even social media. But daily we were catching many people and filing cases. Our higher officials provided us masks and sanitizers. We will be so afraid of ourselves before coming to our duty. Many are dying because of COVID-19. And here we are doing our duty. I felt like a soldier. I’m doing my duty for my country. Even doctors, sweepers , electricity department officers and other emergency services are running. In social media many users are posting great things about doctors, police officers and other emergency services. I really felt I’m doing a perfect job. 


Gandhi hospital doctors suggested us, not to touch our families after going back to our home. They asked us to maintain physical distance. So after going back to home I slept in a separate room. I didn’t allow my children, my wife and my father to touch me. Because I know one thing “prevention is better than cure.” So, this is how I protected my family. Days are passing and also COVID-19 cases are increasing day by day. One day we came to know that our DSP sir got positive in COVID-19 test.  All police department officers became alert and started following physical distance strictly.  Day by day Corona cases are raising and police officers are also making different activities to educate the public.


Few officers are dressing up like Corona, few are wearing Corona helmets, few are dressing up like Yama dharma Raja and so on. Even in our area we planned some strange event. We, all the officers gathered in one place and we stopped all vehicles, with the help of microphone and sound system we educated the public. We did many activities to educate the public. Day by day cases are rising. One day we got an order from the  control room to stop the quarrel in an old city. Soon after reaching that place we noticed people are throwing stones on the doctors who came for COVID-19 test in that area. We protected them and in that quarrel we also got injured. I never imagined how people are so cruel like that. Doctors and nurses also got injured in that attack.


Day by day we are doing our job without any  holidays. We also went for night duties. Sometimes we didn’t even had proper food, we didn’t even go to our home. We didn’t even meet our families.

Our team is working so hard. After a few days our head constable died with huge fever and chest pain. After testing him he got Corona positive. He’s a great sincere officer. He helped me to get this job. Now he died unexpectedly. He has only one daughter, she’s studying inter 1st year. Now who will look after his child? By knowing this our  higher officials decided to test police officers.  Many of us got COVID-19 positive and others got negative. Even I got COVID-19 positive. I never thought I would end up my life like this. I have two children, my wife and my father. If I’m dead then who will look after my family. It’s been 4 days, I haven’t been to my home. How can I say I’m a COVID-19 patient to my family? How would they react after knowing this?


Finally they admitted us in Gandhi hospital. We are taking treatment for COVID-19. Few days passed, two constables died while taking treatment. They were only 29 years old. Now who’s responsible for their death. They are so young and they thought police duty is everything for them. I googled in my phone about Corona. I came to know that there’s no vaccine for COVID-19. My health was becoming worse day by day. I started facing soar pain in my throat. I was unable to take breath properly. Doctor told me that one who has a great immune system can defeat this virus. But I knew that my immune system was not so great. Because I don’t take my food in time. My brain always thinks about my duty and my family. Beside my bed there’s another person. Actually he’s a business magnet, he also died because of COVID-19. Finally my heart was saying that even I’m gonna die soon. I started thinking about my children. I heard many people are saying doctors, police officers, sweepers and other emergency workers are heroes. May be we are heroes, we may save others life, but Corona virus doesn’t care who we are! Either you might be doctor, police, sweeper, billionaire it doesn’t matter. 

16 days passed 9 police officers died because of COVID-19. It’s a miracle for me. My health is okay now. I’m curing myself. Doctors are also helping me. Finally after 16 days I got Corona negative. They discharged me. Doctors suggested me to stay in home quarantine for 14 days. And this is my story. I never thought I could defeat this virus. Few are surviving while few are not. That doesn’t mean this virus is simply nothing. It’s still dangerous. We don’t know whether our immunity is powerful or not. I had learnt that money can’t do anything. We can’t buy a magical drug which can cure this virus. It might take time. All we need is, we need to maintain physical distance and proper food habits. You can say police, doctors, sweepers and emergency service men are heroes. If you don’t follow COVID-19 rules properly then there’s no use of saying these people are great. If you really respect them, then please follow COVID-19 rules and regulations. We can protect you only from a few things but we can’t protect you from this virus until you cooperate with us. So, all of you please be safe and follow COVID-19 rules and let’s respect all the heroes who are working in this pandemic situation to protect people from this situation. 


Thank you all……..!


This is Krishna signing off…!


Written by : Surya Teja

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