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Who are the warriors of COVID-19?


Hello! People.

Hope all are doing good in this lockdown.

Today I’m here to give a small tribute to all those “Warriors Of COVID-19.” Well now-a-days everyone are aware about “Corona Virus.” Due to this & for the first time, INDIA was locked. Due to this INDIA was in a pandemic condition where people stopped coming out, each and every festival, marriages and many other important things were cancelled. But do you know that there are few people who are fighting for us and for our nation? And here is a small conversation between a mother & a daughter. A mother who is saying to her daughter about all those Warriors Of COVID-19 .


Daughter :- Mumma what is wrong with our country? Why should I not go out & play with my friends? And till how many days I should sit inside home? 

Mother :- Listen dear, now our country is in a pandemic situation. There is a virus named Corona which is very harmful to each and every citizen. Following social distance & staying in home is the only way to keep ourselves safe. As our PM decided to lock the INDIA until this virus doesn’t stop. So, it is our responsibility to follow the rules & regulations .

Daughter :- Mumma then who is saving those people who are suffering I’ve heard that touching a person who is suffering can also be affected.

Mother :- Ha… That is what I wanna say to you dear, there are few Warriors. And you know who is our first Warrior?

Daughter :- Who??

Mother :- Have you ever seen God?

Daughter :- No.

Mother :- No right. These days doctors are the real Gods & Heroes of our country.


Daughter :- Why?

Mother :- Listen dear, as we have our family, in the same way they will be also having a family. As, your dad & me are sitting simply at home, in the same way if they will sit at home what will be the condition of our country, who will save us, who will cure all those patients who all are suffering with this virus? By leaving all their families, happiness and sacrificing their holiday time for us and they know that this might affect them also but still they are ready to leave their lives for us. Just think once that, how many families can lose their lives if doctors won’t work. The passion towards their study, the love towards their nation, the sacrifice behind the work can any one do?  No, nobody will. If they want they can also stay at home and enjoy this lockdown with their families & children, they too have a family but they didn’t do all these things, day & night they are working in hospitals just to cure all those patients, just to bring a smile on their family faces. Aren’t they human beings? Aren’t they normal people like us? Yes, they are but still for us, and for our nation they are fighting with this virus and there are few doctors who gave their lives by curing people.  And still they are doing their job and what our INDIANS are doing, there are few people who are beating those Gods who are working for us & few people are insulting them, still they haven’t stepped back they haven’t stopped their work. So, it is our responsibility to salute them, to respect them & to pray for them. If you people don’t wanna respect just leave because we don’t have and no other INDIAN have right to insult them. Doctors are the Warriors of our country because they are finding their happiness in the patient’s smile after recovering from COVID-19. And behind their smiles there are few people who cured them by working 24 hours. By leaving their families aside. Not only doctors we have to salute to all the nurses. I thank each and every DOCTOR & Nurse who worked for us and for our nation. As a INDIAN I salute them.


Daughter :- Mumma then what about other Warriors? Who are they?

Mother :- Police officers. Those all police officers who all are standing on roads to protect us. They’re not letting people come out. They’ll be also having their own families and children but they’re not sitting at home they’re sacrificing all their happiness & working for us 24 hours during this pandemic situation staying on roads having their lunch & dinner on roads just to protect us. There are few people who want to come to our country to let INDIA suffer, not only India but other countries too; and there are few people who are not following these rules & regulations. These all officers are protecting us by keeping all their lives in risk and maintaining lockdown in a very proper manner. They are not letting people to come out, ha… In a few situations they have beaten few people because there was no other option to let people know that in what situation we are… They did many other activities to let people understand what the condition is and what are the ways to keep themselves safe. So, it’s our responsibility to salute to all those officers who are protecting us, in this summer and in this pandemic situation without going home.

And not only Doctors & Police officers, we should also thank all those Reporters who gave us day to day information about this virus & how the situation of our country is. Cleaners who kept all the roads and INDIA clean in this situation. And mainly thank & a big salute to the ARMY people who are not letting a single person to enter, and they are giving their best to thank doctors & police officers in very different ways. So, these are all the Warriors of our country. They are fighting for us, and it’s our responsibility to thank all of them and to salute all of them. So, let us pray that our country should be saved by this COVID-19 as soon as possible and let us pray for all those Warriors. 🇮🇳 JAI HIND – JAI BHARTH 🇮🇳


Daughter :- Mumma thank you for letting me know all these things. And I salute all the Warriors of COVID-19

“A Small Poem By Giving A Tribute To All Those Warriors”

Title :- “Kuch toh log hai joh humare liye kam par ja rahe hai”

Kitni shikayate hai na… Ha… Bahot sare shikayate hai, ghar baite bahot bore hote hai, khelne nahi ja pate hai Ha… Voh IPL vali match bahot miss karte hai, Ha… Voh road par gol-gappe, Chole bature aur samose, aur voh college jakar class bunk karne wale, bench ke uppar masti, dosto ke uppar comments, ladayi, pune ke uppar dadagiri, assignments lik wane Keliye ladkiyoko patana, sir ke uppar comments marna, films dekna aur bhai bhabhi agayi bhabhi agayi vali dialogues bahot miss karte hai. Kya kar sakte hai, kabhi kabhi mumma par chilate hai ki mujhe bahar jana hi hai, aur jab mumma dategi tab room mai khud ko lock karna and tab jake realise karte hai ki “koyi toh hai jo humare liye kam par ja rahe hai” ki “koyi toh hai jo humare liye kam par ja rahe hai.” Ghar baite baite bore hogaye gussa kar jate hai phir jake yadh ata hai ki “koyi toh hai jo humare liye kam par ja rahe hai” ki “koyi toh hai jo humare liye kam par ja rahe hai.” Haa … Wahi police valla joh humari suraksha keliye us root par 24 gante kade rehkar humari suraksha kar rahe hai. “Koyi toh hai jo humare liye kam par ja rahe hai” ki “koyi toh hai jo humare liye kam par ja rahe hai.” Doctor naam toh suna hi hoga Doctor joh abhi bhagwan ka roop hai. Ha… Wahi safedh libas wale ha wahi safedh libas pehne pehne 24 gante humari suraksha ki kam mai lage rahe hai, patar par kar patar par kar voh bhagwan ko marte ho kya insaniyath bachi hai tum logo mai? Kuch toh sharam karo kuch toh insaniyath dekhao ki “kuch toh log hai jo humare liye kam par ja rahe hai” ki “koyi toh hai jo humare liye kam par ja rahe hai.” Ha… Sarhadh par humare dilo jan ARMY wale apne jaan gavate hai ki hum surakshith rahe. “Kuch toh log hai jo humare liye kam par ja rahe hai” ki “koyi toh hai jo humare liye kam par ja rahe hai.”  Agar todi insaniyath bhi hai na toh kam se kam en logo ki Izzath karo kyu ki agar yeh log abhi kam nahi karte na toh pata nahi ki humara kya hal hota aaj.  Anth mai bas ek bath kehna chahthi hu kuch din kuch hi din tho es lockdown ka palan karo aab toh katam hogaya lockdown bhi par us VIRUS ka kya? Yeh aap log hi soch lo dusro ki chodo khud ki aur apki family ki toh socho. Kuch hi din uske bath tho nikalni hi hai phir gummna hi hai kuch din kuch din surakshit rehna.

Aur agar waqt mile na toh un Police walo ka, Reporters ka, Safayi karne walo ka, Nurses ka, Doctors ka, aur humare dilo jaan ARMY walo ka danyawadh karo.. Humare Corona Warriors joh hume humari jaan dene Keliye jaan de rahe hai. “Kuch toh log hai jo humare liye kam par ja rahe hai” ki “koyi toh hai jo humare liye kam par ja rahe hai.”


I Thank And Salute To All The Warriors Of COVID-19 .

🇮🇳 Jai Hind – Jai Bharath 🇮🇳

Written by : Sadhwika suma

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