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Blood Donation

LEADer: Sushma  Kalagudi
Team Members: Snehal Vasant Kadolkar, Onkar C. Salamwade, Amit Vadoni, Vinay Katamble           

Place of project implementation: Maratha Mandal Engineering College
The objective is to give an opportunity to our students to show their care for others. Any healthy person between the age of 18 and 50 years can give blood. Giving blood is one of the kindest and most generous acts that one human being can do for another. Blood cannot be manufactured. It has to come from another human being to save the life of another. Because of volunteer blood donors, thousands of accident victims and those who need surgery are alive today.

The blood is usually drawn from the median cubital vein, from the inside of the elbow. An antiseptic such as iodine is used to clean the skin above this vein. This helps to prevent bacterial infection at the site of puncture and also helps to prevent the blood drawn site from being infected.

A tourniquet is used to elevate the blood pressure in the veins of the arm. This helps to ease and speed up the process. Sometimes the donor is given an object to squeeze repeatedly in order to increase blood flow to the targeted vein. Invariably a needle with a larger gauge is used in order to minimize the shearing forces that can cause damage to the RBC’s.

A mild sting may be experienced when the needle is inserted, but there should be no pain during the donation.

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