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How students gained knowledge by enjoying the challenges given by LEAD Program?


Quarantine has given us a lot of time to learn and adapt for an alternative way to live. It was our responsibility to use this time effectively. LEAD arranged many challenges for everyone during the quarantine time, in order to make sure that we weren’t bored at home. You would like to go through all the challenges.

  • BIRD FEEDER CHALLENGE118 LEADers from 11 different locations had prepared and installed the water and grains feeder for the birds to solve the thirst, during the summer. Be the voice of beautiful birds. Everyone loves to hear the beautiful chirping sound of birds, but very few are becoming the voice of their survival. Birds are one of the best creatures of this world but gradually these sparrows are disappearing and losing their habitat due to urbanization and climate change. Let’s be the part to save one of the best creatures of this world, so LEADers made bird feeder. Made an artificial nest for birds at home. They made artificial nests with different components like from cutted plastic water bottles to clay pots with different threads for stability. They installed on the terrace or branches of the tree, be voice to save the birds.

  • FEEDING ANIMALS CHALLENGE – The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated. He who feeds a hungry animal feeds his own soul. LEADers from 11 different locations have feeded water and food to the stray animals during the lockdown. They provided biscuits, roti, rice and other non-spicy food.


  • CREATIVITY CHALLENGE – Vivid imagination is the initiation of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will do what you imagine, and at last, you create what you will. Creativity is the thought of something new, creative work is the “Art of uniqueness in you,” it has no limits. Check out some of the best creative works done by LEADers. LEADers from 11 different places have prepared best out of waste models like pen stands, flower pots, etc…using waste water bottles, newspapers, coconut shells, and other materials.

  • TRADITIONAL GAMES CHALLENGE –  The interesting thing which keeps people connected with each other is games. Throughout the state LEADers have played the traditional games and have created wonderful memories with families and elders. Indian traditional games which not only help stay connected but also keep ourselves aware about the ancient knowledge of games. Have a look at their game challenges taken by our LEADers.

  • COOK WITHOUT FIRE CHALLENGE – Have you ever thought of cooking without fire but didn’t try? Have you ever cooked for your family? Do you want to prepare a variety of delicious and spicy foods for your family? Well, the chance of cooking without a fire challenge during this quarantine period was accepted by LEADers and they had lots of fun, and experience in it. Look at the snaps and  funny moments during cooking and serving dishes by LEADers to their family. 25 leaders have taken the initiative and prepared different dishes like salad & juices.

  • IMMUNITY BOOSTING CHALLENGE – Have you practiced simple exercises with yogasana and breathing techniques through pranayama? YOGA will not keep us physically fit but even mentally balanced, the best way to boost our immunity and stay healthy. So, let’s perform yoga, let’s stay healthy, and stay safe. Yoga is a great practice for both the body and the mind, it offers peace and mindfulness to its lovers and helps them get through daily stress. LEADers from locations have taught yoga and Pranayama to their family members during this lockdown. Therefore, we have compiled the glimpses of the fitness challenge taken up by the LEADers.

  • UNIQUE TALENT CHALLENGE – Every individual is born with amazing talent! It may be sketching, painting, dancing, photography, singing, etc. LEADers took part and successfully completed the talent challenge with great enthusiasm and enjoyment. It was admirable to see their efforts in various talents to their friends and family. From painting, photography to other unique talents. Have a look at their amazing unique talents…


  • MAGICAL RECIPE CHALLENGE – If you are a great cook, no matter how good you are; it’s not good cooking for yourself, the joy is in cooking for your loved ones and others. LEAD students and others were encouraged to take the magical recipe challenge. LEADers accepted the challenge and learnt special recipes from their mom/dad, grandma/grandpa or any cook in their family. They taught the LEADers practically on how to make their best dish while having some funny moments together while cooking with their loved ones, LEADers actually felt the everyday hardship of cooking for the whole family that is experienced by their mom. LEADers also learnt new quick kitchen hacks and cooking techniques. At the end of the day the sweaty smile on their face for making the food for their family was worthy to the last grain. Have a glance at challenges done by our LEADers.

  • SAFETY MASK CHALLENGE – Being safe and careful costs you nothing. But, carelessness may cost you your life. Some of our LEADers made different types of home-made masks to not get exposed to this deadly coronavirus and donated them to the people, who were in desperate need. Also, LEADers took up an awareness campaign on self-hygiene and also demonstrated a video on how to make home-made safety masks from clothes.

  • MORAL STORY CHALLENGE – This  for kids plays an important role as it teaches life lessons in the most interesting way. Such stories help in teaching your child a valuable lesson about how to be moral in society. Moral stories can teach you the value of kindness, compassion, truth, honesty, bravery, respect, integrity, and responsibility. Kids felt something new and learned new things from the moral stories and realized not to make such mistakes in the future. Here’s a glimpse  of the moral story challenge taken LEADers.



LEAD appreciates everyone who accepted the challenges and for their efforts. We are enlightened by the enthusiasm shown and watch the unique, various creativity coming out. We hope that you utilize your time always for a good cause and betterment of society.

Written by : Roshan Pathan

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