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Computer Education


Team Leader: Shweta Bhat

Team Members : Prasanna Sarkuli

Project Date: December 2010

College : First Grade Government College

Place of Implementation: Jagdamba High school

Nearly 165 Jagdamba High School students are now computer literate because Shweta Bhat, Prasanna, and Sarkuli, took it upon themselves to educate them in basic computer skills, such as the use of Word, Powerpoint, Paint etc. Shweta obtained permission from the school authorities, who were initially hesitant. Having divided the 165 students into 12 groups, the team taught 2 groups each day and thus completed teaching all the students in period of 6 days. They managed the entire training with roughly 1500 Rs, 1200 of which was funded and 300 was raised by the team. With one computer and a CD the team took on the challenge of teaching the children and were immensely successful in doing so.

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