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Someone has said it right, “When you live to give, you get more than what you need!” It is very important to always have such a nature because not all are blessed with what you have. You being their source of happiness for even a small reason can be so significant. Donate small but do donate something. It’s a part of a human’s life to help other humans so it is important to develop a culture of giving. LEAD Program organized a 7 day festival of Daan Utsav, like every year. The festival started on 2nd October 2020 and concluded on 8th October 2020 and our students happily stepped out despite the risk with all the precautions and have brought smiles and happiness in the lives of others. You will be delighted while you travel along with the story of these 7 glorious days.

Day 1- Pustak Daan:

Books are said to be the ocean of knowledge. From a very ancient age, books have been essential in education. But not every child in the world can afford to buy books. Book donation can help the children to acquire knowledge and get educated.

56 LEADers of various locations like Davangere, Belagavi, Molakmuru, Ankali, Babaleshwar have collected books from their nearby residents and distributed the collected 575 books to 277 kids at orphanages, slum areas and nearby rural areas. Kids were very happy receiving the books from the Leaders. The joy on their faces was worth millions to the LEADers.

Day 2- Sasya Daan:

Plants are a vital part of nature. In addition to oxygen, they are the source of human food. Planting more trees, reducing the cut down of trees, nourishing the trees that are present; are a few small steps we can take to keep our nature healthy.

On the second day of Daan Utsav, 69 LEADers from various locations distributed saplings to kids at orphanages and people nearby their area. Few LEADers also took up the initiative of planting saplings in their colleges. A festival of greenery was beautifully celebrated by all LEADers by distributing 119 saplings in total to 178 people along with the spreading of awareness regarding the importance of afforestation.

Day 3- Anna Daan:

There is a quote that goes like this, “Love, affection and care is hidden in the food.” To spread these three elements to all, Anna Daan is said to be a Maha Daan in India especially. On the auspicious festival of Daan Utsav, the third day, Anna Daan is a time to share some love and donate food to the needy and feed the strays.

44 LEADers from various locations stood forward to mark this day with glory. They donated 60 masks, more than 75 packets of food, above 20 biscuit packets, 25kg of Rice, 10kg of Dal, 8kg of Wheat, 4kg of Jaggery and 40 Bananas to the people in slum areas, orphanages, and rural areas also fed the stray animals. LEADers not only filled the tummy of 245 people and animals, but this initiative of theirs brought joy of hope on everyone’s faces.

Day 4- Vidya Daan:

From time immemorial, knowledge has been passed down to generations and the flow continues. And as this flow of knowledge continues to accumulate through generations, it becomes richer and richer. There can’t be any destruction to knowledge as its progress is always a hill to climb which is never-ending. So, Vidya Daan is very special.

To share this very special entity, 43 LEADers in total, spent 162 hours with school students conducting drawing competitions, teaching them some creativity, and other basic subjects like Maths and English. It was a nice step in driving 268 children through a learning path for sharing knowledge.

Day 5- Shrama Daan:

Even a tiny effort to bring a positive change is worth millions. And efforts never go waste, when their destination is the betterment. Your efforts in a work give a fantastic meaning to what you do. And when someone truly cares about you, they make an effort, not an excuse.

To be a part of Shrama Daan, 42 LEADers worked along with school students in cleaning the school surroundings, and also they participated in cleaning the surroundings near their home and temples. All LEADers joined together to bring a change and make the work easier by spending 18 hours in total which contributed to 164 beneficiaries and floating beneficiaries who visit temples daily.

Day 6- Vishranthi Daan:

“Service to humanity is service to God.”All human beings right from your parents, friends, neighbors, teachers, police, doctors, and other workers work so hard to make a living. Till the end of the day, all will be tired, to get a small but most profound change, Vishranthi Daan was conducted.

A day off for those who work so hard by helping them and taking charge to do household chores, 2 LEADers have been a part of this donation in a very effective way by helping 12 people in their work. This small help gave some rest to the people.

Day 7- Arogya Daan:

Healthy citizens are the greatest asset any country can have. To build a healthy community, it’s important to follow a healthy lifestyle. Not all are aware of healthcare. Nor all participate in arogya daan. Every life in this world is important as yours. Keeping this in mind, we need to keep being a part of Arogya Daan.

A LEADer Abhilash from Bapuji Polytechnic College, Davangere shares his experience in participating in the Daan Utsav as a wonderful knowledge providing festival. He says, “Due to the pandemic situation this year, the experience as quite different from every year. We could learn many good things each day of the 7 day celebration and learned about the safety measures which need to be taken while going out and communicating with people. Many people said that our work or the celebration of Daan Utsav with them made them feel happy during the Pandemic situation.”

We appreciate every LEADer who actively took part in Daan Utsav the festival of giving and made it a very glorious one despite the pandemic situation. During any of the Daan’s, the preventive measures like wearing masks, social distancing, and sanitizing were well followed by the LEADers, so that along with spreading the joy of giving, everyone’s health is taken care off. The LEaders are always in action and through the process inculcate leadership qualities and understand the reality of the people in the ground which helps them in empathising. We congratulate all the LEaders for sharing love and joy many through the festival of Daan Utsav.


Written By- Priyanka Kammar.

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