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Employability Awareness


Each and every individual aims to be employabilityindependent  once they grow younger. Every person aims at different paths to follow in order to be independent and successful. Passion plays an important role in this aspect. If passion becomes our profession, the money we earn is worth our efforts and gives satisfaction in addition to happiness. Thus employability plays major role in everyone’s life.

 When it comes to personal independence, there is no satisfaction comparable to the ability to pay your own bills. Being able to pay your way through life reduces dependence on your parents, friends, spouse or whichever person you used to lean on. Financial independence means that you control your income and expenditure and you are not answerable to anybody. It also helps to overcome unemployability which is becoming a national crisis.

To inculcate the importance of employability, LEADer Mahesh and his team of 11 members visited a school in Hubli and conducted a session. They explained the standard 10th and 12th students regarding the importance, requirements, efforts needed, and many other essential skills required for taking the responsibility of being an independent individual after their education.

employability It’s quite difficult to make the students understand but on the other hand, it’s very important at this age. It will help the students to start planning for their better future from now itself. This great thought of LEADers will help around 150 students to plan the best. After the session, LEADers got positive feedback from the students as well as the staff. The staff was happy and impressed by the initiative.

Well, in the end, it’s always a two way learning. LEADers also could learn to handle the students, to make them understand and patience. This is an amazing initiative by LEADers, which will help the students in designing their future plans effectively and contribute effectively in the growth of the country.

Written By: Priyanka  Kammar

Mail Id: priyankaykammar@gmail.com

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