An extraordinary tribute to our war heroes


On 19th Kargil Vijay Diwas 26 July as India pays tributes to its fallen heroes, The LEADers of Kautalaya Fellowship, DET did there part of the tribute. Mr. Naveen, ex-army who defended the nation with his fellow comrades during the Kargil war, kicked off the whole celebration at DET campus, Hubballi. The event started off with classic events such as lamp lighting and speeches from the guest and a major address to the crowd from the comrade himself.
He spoke a lot about the war itself and the bravery of the Indian Army to capture geographical points which challenge human capabilities. A crowd of determined and young change makers in numbers more than 1500 had gathered at the Deshpande Educational Trust campus, Hubballi for this particular event.

The National Flag of India was hoisted by the guest of honor followed by a National Anthem which brought the sense of patriotism to a higher level among these young crowd who are determined to bring a change in the society for the upbringing of the collective public of the great Nation. Cultural performances which focused mainly on social responsibility and the society were conducted, these performances gave a boost to the energy of the crowd and brought a sense of patriotism among the young crowd.

The main event of the day’s celebration was the Blood Donation Drive which was held at DET. The motive behind the Blood Donation Drive was to address the deficiency of blood and its components in the nation. As LEADers are always told about impact, a formal function would do lesser impact but incorporation of the Blood donation drive would increase the impact of the whole celebration. On Kargil Diwas a total of 1500 determined youth donated blood to bring success to the event.

After the whole event there was an interactive session with Mr. Naveen where the students got to k

now about the army life and it’s decorum.

written by – Varadh Kulkarni

Email ID – varadh.kulkarni.se@gmail.com

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