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Filling the Potholes of Hubli Roads


Winner of Best Project Award – Dharwad Region 2012

LEADers Suhail, Khalid, Sachin, Bhautik and team took an initiative of filling the road pits of Hubli City. They set a model for other students to follow by volunteering their services in solving the daily problem of bumpy roads. They did this project in three phases. First Suhail took initiative in Deshpande Nagar. Suail Sanadi, a 4th semester student of KLEIT, would pass through Deshpandenagar everyday, and was upset to see the conditions of road, which was full of huge potholes. Instead of waiting and expect HDMC will do the repair work, he decided to do something about it. They got proper guidelines and suggestions from LEAD for this action. They collected funds from each other, contacted mud contractor to bring mud of tractor trolley and began repair work. In three hours of work the complete road of 500 metres was pothole- free.
Suhail’s initiative was published in Times of India on 1st March, 2012 and the result of it was that the very next day workers of Hubli-Dharwad Municipal Corporation (HDMC) cleaned all the potholes and paved them with permanent tar and grits.
Inspired by this initiative the team did not stop themselves and they continued the project in Akshaya Park and Sirur Road areas. They got many appreciation and positive feedback from daily commuters and local residents for their work.

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