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Generation of Electricity from Cow Urine

LEADer: Prabhudev
Team Members: Shridhar Hallikeri, Raghvendra Divanji
Location: KLEITThe team visited a nearby village to know how much urine was wasted and found that 200 litres of urine was wasted each day. They collected urine samples and brought two electrodes, dipping them in beakers containing urine. Connecting the electrodes to the multimeter the team members noted down the voltage reading. After three attempts they were successful in generating the power of about 0.4-0.6 volts, and the team hopes to produce a larger amount of voltage given a large quantity of urine.

The main objective of the project is to provide the rural area people with proper electricity facility, and also to bring the awareness about the proper utilization of the naturally available  urine in the rural area. The project has been done on the small scale and was able to generate 0.6 volts from a half litre urine. 
Prabhudev: “If considered on the large scale …the day isn’t far when we find no houses without electricity in the rural areas. Thanks to all my team members and my sir Dr.Nagaraj Shetti for his guidance.”


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