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Good touch, Bad touch.


Awareness is as important as precautions to be taken to be healthy. And awareness at the right time adds power to one’s health. Every individual needs to be aware about things going on in their surroundings. Accordingly they need to be ready to face any hurdle on their way with more care and strength. Especially, when it comes to a girl, every girl child needs to be protective towards herself in every moment of her life. In this era, it’s quite difficult for a girl to depend on others,  so she should become strong enough to protect herself.


On listening to so many facts happening around about a girl to be unsafe, LEADer Hajma Huddar and team from S. S. R. College, Vijaypur started an awareness campaign in government school. They visited around four government schools nearby and seeked permission from the principal of each school to conduct session for girls about good touch and bad touch.


As the principal granted permission to LEADers  to carry on their initiative, they gathered girl students from standard 5th, 6th, and 7th and explained them clearly about how they need to be aware when they are with a male person. They also spoke about the way to distinguish whether it’s a good touch or a bad touch when someone touches them. 


Students and teachers of all four schools were inspired by their talk and they thanked LEADers for this precious information. This awareness has saved girls from getting abused. They are prepared at prior itself, so that they can protect themselves and lead a comfortable life. LEADers were happy to accept their gratitude. LEAD is proud of all LEADers for this enchanting initiative which will help all those girls in their life.  

Written by: Priyanka Kammar

Email ID: priyankaykammar18@gmail.com

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