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Health Checkup at Old Age Home

LEADer: Nagaraj B. B. (Manoj)
At the old age home of Lakshmeshwar, this LEAD team ran a health checkup for the elderly as their project. As team LEADer Manoj stated: “We all know that our dear parents are main backbone of our life; as we grow we neglect them which leads them to a new home that itself called as old age home.  
After getting them into old age home they won’t come back to see their parents at least for once in a year also they don’t get any worry regarding their parents health at all so this might lead for the occurrence of diseases.” Team leader Nagaraj B B (Manoj) took the initiative with his team of “The Spartans Of Lead”. They first got the permission of the old age home authority  andon the day Dr. N. S. Kallimani helped a lot. “Without him this project had not got any meaning and also local people helped us a lot in each & every point,” said Manoj.
By this project the elders present at old age home the team found that the elders had got diseases like gangrene, diabetes, eye sight problems others.
By this project the team made the awareness of responsibility of each & every person regarding their parents by the guidance of Ajay Suman Shukla, Dr. S.V.Gorbal, Mahendra Hullur & Vijay Matti.
By this project we got the blessings for our team by those elders & we just little succeeded to make to meet them to their family.
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