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Helping disabled children.


With Lord’s grace there are few children born with some disabilities. It’s every human’s responsibility to help them to live their life comfortably. Einstein in one of his books said,”Life lived for others is a life filled with gratitude.” We all have what we need, few also have more than required, but the real happiness comes from sharing with those who need. 


LEADer Syed Pasha and team from Government Polytechnic College, Chitradurga, Karnataka came up with a fantastic idea of helping the deaf and dumb students. They visited two villages, Challakere and Hiriyur and created awareness about the way every individual can donate the required things to help the students at deaf and dumb school. 


They collected the needed materials like books, pens, and food stuff. They also suggested people, to visit the schools where disabled people study and celebrate festivals and birthdays with them. This would give them the real happiness and satisfaction on their special day. Around 46 students were benefited by providing notebooks and pens. LEADers also distributed sweets, fruits and study materials worth of Rupees 1500. And he also conducted games session for them, which was enjoyed by the students.


Isn’t this a cool idea to live and help the needy and gets lots of happiness and gratitude in return! Students were so happy by the donated things and had great fun in playing the games. Those beautiful smile on their faces brought peace and happiness to LEADers. They could realize the true value of their own life and learned that real happiness is found by helping others. 


Written by : Priyanka Kammar
Email ID  : priyankaykammar18@gmail.com

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