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An Idea, A product and A revolution!!!


Have something that motivated you? Are you someone wanting to do something off-beat? Have ideas to make this world much better place?

“Never give in–never, nothing great or small, large or petty, never give in except to convictions of  honor and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.” With curiosity as biggest asset and urge to see betterment through  self efforts, A boy grew up to be an entrepreneur  who heeds to mishaps and needs of the society. Prior to all the achievements what matters is the scientific temper that rooted into this young mind and made its way to extraordinary results that we witness now.

Niranjan-KargiMr Niranjan Kargi, A Mechanical Engineer of  Belagavi is a consistent contributor of innovative products serving needs of the society. Born on  17th of October in the year 1995, Niranjan was a child with immense love for chess and football. He not only excelled in his academics but also gained special interest in indulging himself in innovation.



Some of the important projects that was undertaken by Niranjan  were The Hydrogen Kit(improvised fuel efficiency), Hydrogen welding(alternate welding method and by products applicable for hospital usage), Sustainable energy(a prototype for conversion of sea water to drinking water) and finally the most innovative project was Nirnal(water purifier).

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NIRNAL is  compatible, portable, reusable, healthy and an  eco-friendly water purifier. A product which ensures ‘Safe Drinking’  at an affordable price. This acts like a filter when the water oozes out of Nirnal fixed to the bottles. It is easy to use and also imparts taste and some essential minerals to the water.




The origin of idea was when Niranjan saw few kids filling their  bottles with impure water from a tank at school. The fact that those kids could not afford to buy the expensive water purifiers was well known by Niranjan.  That is when he set on a mission to design a purifier which could be at everyone’s service. With the help of Nirnal, he could provide the purity of drinking water to many government school  kids and employment to women who are involved in production .


  • Yuva Shilpi award by ABVP
  • Best Entrepreneur by vishveshwarya technological university.
  • Best LEADer award by LEAD.
  • Winner of ‘Talash’ contest

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WhatsApp Image 2017-08-11 at 6.32.11 PMNirnal water filter was covered by the various social media:

CNBC AWAAZ, Suddi News channel, TV9, Kasturi News, Public TV, ETV News and In Belgaum.




News papers that spoke about Nirnal:

Times of India, Deccan Herald, Vijay Karnataka, Prajawani, Sakal and Tarun Bharat.

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Niranjan was interviewed by U.S.A Based Online radio-Kuch Khush Baatein  and KLE Venudhwani 90.4 FM Community Radio.

Ever since the product is in the market 8000 units have been sold. He also has orders from various schools and different parts of the nation. Niranjan plans to take this project to a level where every person gets to drink  pure water. He intends to tie up with the government of  Karnataka so that he can reach to many more people. This growth marks a revolution in providing pure water to everyone.

Niranjan says in all his ventures his family has been a constant support and have never failed to motivate him. The success of his projects no doubt gives him satisfaction but the urge to contribute more never dies.


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