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He could be an Innovator or Entrepreneur but he chose to be a solution builder!


Problem could be small or big but a solution has to be an apt one. According to the development of the society the solution should be enhanced and developed. To see the problems and to develop the solutions one should have the eyesight to see the necessities of society. There is a thin line difference between entrepreneur and innovator. The innovations are made by entrepreneur and are marketed to get financial supporting benefits.

Mr Prajwal Rao is an innovator and also an entrepreneur, A student pursuing Masters in physics at Manasagangothri university of Mysore. He as an extremely active student in science education with high school students. He wants to make things better, easier and affordable with the help of his  knowledge. Prajwal’s LEAD journey started at his degree college (NIE first Grade College). Prajwal says “poster changed my life.” He had dreamt of some innovations and changes to be done in the society and for betterment of society.

image (2)Manual paddy transplanting is done by putting or planting the crops at the necessary and exact time. Manually paddy transplanter needs number of labourers and it takes huge time. Paddy transplanter is a machine which can be handled by only one person. It reduces the amount of time used in the field by labourers. It reduces the complications. The machine also saves time and it is easy to use. The design is such that any farmer can use it and afford it. The transplanter which Prajwal is hoping to develop, is to transplant the washed root i.e. Non Mat paddy sampling. This is the project’s unique selling point. Prajwal has received an amount of 30,000 as seed funds from Nano Pix on the basis of development of the project at regular intervals.



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Mr Prajwal Rao has won an award in Talaash competition for the “Paddy Trans planter.” After winning the award he and his team have made several models. Presently they have the prototype and are working on building a practical model. Soon the model will be ready in market. Prajwal is looking for the improvements and innovations in the project. Prajwal has got all the support for his prototype and project from principal of his college.

Award by noble laureate at Yuva Summit

Principal of NIE College has published an article in Prajavani newspaper through which Prajwal is getting pre orders for his model from farmers.

The only motivation for this project is “A Farmer.” The project is a farmer driven project. In future Prajwal wants to open an Agri Tech company where he can design the solutions for all kind of problems which will be affordable to farmers. Along with that Prajwal is willing to do research in inclusive education as Physics is the driving force behind all his aspirations.

Written by: Nilima Jangam

Email id: nilimajangam65@gmail.com



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