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How did the intentions and hard work of LEADer Jyoti changed the perspective of citizens?


Once a wise and brave girl said “Cleaning up the city’s dirt and waste cannot be the sole responsibility of municipality sweepers. Do citizens have no role in this? We have to change their mindset.”

Here’s an amazing LEADer Jyoti V. Itagoni from Vidhya Samvardhaka Mandal BCA College, Nipani. Now, she lives in Chikodi. While she was doing her PUC she has seen a lot of her senior degree students wearing blue t-shirts and doing something. She always used to ask herself what is Lead? Why they all are doing this? Once she received an answer from somebody but she was not yet satisfied. When she entered her college life, there she again saw the blue t-shirts and came to know about the LEAD program during her freshers. So, she attended the LEAD orientation class, joined this wonderful journey and her interest in LEAD increased every year.

She saw many colonies in Chikodi were not cleaned and unhygienic up to the mark. So, she thought of doing Swachh Bharat in Chikodi and planting trees in a cleaned area. That was her main motto of the project with the title “Clean and Green Chikodi.” So, she took this initiative and collaborated with YERRISWAMY CHARITY FOUNDATION. For more than a year the LEAD team of 40 members worked hard for this project. Every Sunday they used to plan and decide on a specific colony and they started cleaning and giving awareness to people on Swachh Bharat. After cleaning the area then next week they planned and did the plantation. As weeks passed by, many people joined them: from old age, people to children and her friends and family members were involved and supported for her great hard work and dedication towards the project.

She says at least 10,000 people benefited from the project which is a huge accomplishment and the difficulties she faced while doing the project were the roads were too dirty to clean, when they planned to clean the cemetery also people opposed due to superstitions and it was difficult to convince them. But we tried our best to convince and motivate people to participate and involve them in the Swachh Bharat mission. After the plantation, we requested the people staying nearby the plants to take care of it. They promised to do it. The support and feedback she got were immensely glorious, and hundreds of Chikodi citizens appreciated her work. The people got inspired by the work of LEADers and started joining them. The main things she learned from this project was to complete the big challenges with great patience, hard work, and dedication. Leadership skills to plan and divide work with the team, making the public aware of Swachh Bharat made her stage fear go away also improved her communication skills.

Her plan for the project is to do fogging in Chikodi. We deeply congratulate and appreciate Jyoti and her co-LEADers for making this project successful who worked and supported each other and went on with the flow of the project through thick and thin, ups and downs with their never giving up hard-working attitude. So, finally, we wish them all the very best for their future endeavors.
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