LEAD Carnival


Pawan and a group of students organized LEAD Carnival to promote leadership activities in LEAD,  Hubli, Chitradurga, and Chikkodi, as well as to showcase unseen talent.  The carnival, which took place over the course of a 6-day period, combined singing, dancing, and fashion show events, and showcased the talents of over 550 dancers, 200 singers, and 100 fashion show contestants.  The initial competitions were held throughout the cities of Chitradurga and Chikoddi, and the final rounds of the competitions were held in Hubli.

A great deal of planning and coordinating was required to convert LEAD Carnival from a dream to a reality.  Pawan’s team spent 5 months organizing the event.  To host such a big event, sponsors were needed.  Pawan and his team acquired about Rs. 42,000 in sponsorships from companies and organizations such as Swarna CONSTRUCTIONS, R M DEVELOPERS, VAM SOLUTIONS, and KLEIT College.  In addition, auditions were conducted, judges were selected, and special guests were invited.  Finally, the event was marketed and promoted, and tickets were sold.  These different preparations were carried out by a team of 80 members.  What’s more, Pawan and his team members were able to plan and execute LEAD Carnival while simultaneously balancing their full-time, demanding college schedules.

LEAD Carnival raised 1.2 lakh and benefitted over 1,000 students.  Furthermore, Pawan and his team collected and distributed Rs. 10,000 of materials for Sneha Sadan, and old age home, and Rs. 5,000 worth of school supplied to 30 orphaned children. Also as a result of LEAD Carnival, the LEAD Niwan Club, an event planning club at BVBCET that is endorsed by the LEAD Program, developed more presence and popularity.  Lastly, LEAD Carnival was beneficial in that it provided people with a platform for artistic performance. Among all of the positive feedback that was given, many were impressed by Pawan’s ability to host such well-executed events in smaller cities.  Many people also became inspired by LEAD Carnival; one boy told Pawan that LEAD Carnival motivated him to further his career in singing.

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