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LEAD is a path that changed my life -Sagar


“LEAD is the best platform to build our personality and expose our talent towards the beneficiary of society,” says Sagar from Gokak. He had joined LEAD in 2014 and as a keen interest in helping the society and contributing to the change of society, he started with small projects and completed around 65 projects to date. 


  Joining LEAD isn’t just about learning for ourselves and developing our own skills, the other most important aspect is inspiring other students to join LEAD. LEADer Sagar marked the number of 40 students to join LEAD by motivating them by his words and projects. He has worked to help the society through many projects like in the case of educational help he carried out a school development project, for health benefits he took up blood donation camp and eye donation camp, for rural people he facilitated with drinking water project and helpline for farmers. 


Also, during the flood calamity in Karnataka, he joined the relief forces in order to help the people suffering. He included himself in the group of a flood relief camp in providing food and shelter to the people in around 25 villages. Without hurdles, we can never convince ourselves for success. But overcoming those hurdles and marking our success is what brings us satisfaction. He had to meet with many difficulties during a few of his projects. But he faced every difficulty with courage, strength and positivity which lead to the skill development that is helping him now in his life. 


He says that LEAD does not just give us a path to help society and develop it, but it is a two-way benefit path. As you come up with new ideas of helping people, you start using your mind creatively then during the whole process of completing your project, with no doubt you gain many skills as a colourful fruit of your work. In the whole journey of LEAD, I have achieved lots of positive changes in me. From working as a team member to leading a team, I can manage both with much comfort and easier way as before. 


LEAD has converted my personality as compared to before. I greet thank you to all the LEAD members to always help me and add delicious flavours to my life to make me a better person. 


Written by : Priyanka Kammar

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