The day started with the Yoga, which happens to be a highly effective medium that makes people to stay active throughout the day strengthening the caliber of concentration. After freshening up themselves they had their breakfast in the dining hall. Later, they gathered in the seminar hall of Bala Vikasa. Prayanees got to hear about the incredible initiatives of Bala Vikasa from its enthusiastic director, Mr. Shoury Reddy. He emphasized the importance of innovation in social platforms.


After having a small break, they actively interacted with the co-founder of Bala Vikasa, Bala Theresa. This shows that everyone was clearly excited about this organization! She spoke about the different innovations made by their team and motivated prayanees by sharing her story.  Lead team with discipline committee presented token of appreciation to Bala Theresa mam.


Followed by the delicious lunch at Bala Vikasa, Prayanees headed to one of the modern villages of India, Gangadevipalli in Warangal district. Prayanees got a brief description about the Committees  and rules formed in the village by Mrs. Sunitha (Resource Officer). Later on, they surveyed the people about the problems they are facing and also created awareness on ‘Right to vote’.


Then, they interacted with Mr. Kusam Rajamouli ( Development Officer). They were inspired by his words and want to launch the same idea in their villages too.After this,they had their dinner at Bala Vikasa. Later, they traveled to Bussapur village which is 100 kilometers away from Warangal. Prayanees got their accommodation where they have learnt to adjust themselves according to the circumstances.


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