Prayanees gave their fresh start in the Misty mornings of Bussapur village near Warangal district. Bussapur is a backward region where the people are consisted to their region itself. They don’t knew about the changes added to the technology. Here, the Prayanees learnt one of the main qualities of a LEADer i.e., Adjusting according to the situations and this can make a great addition to their success. Everyone started freshening of themselves and later, they gathered at a place that have their breakfast.

Prayana, is not only for learning, but also to have fun. After having their breakfast, Prayanees headed to  Laknavaram Lake (also known as rainwater lake of Telangana),which is 3 km away from Bussapur village. It is an attractive tourist destination of Telangana. They spent almost one hour taking a peaceful look around and capturing their memorable moments ahead. Yet again, it’s a Wonderful cabled bridge above the lake for a wonderful and breathtaking view for prayanees.

Later, they came back to village and involved in creativity and bringing new look to the school.The government school of Bussapur was painted by Prayanees with artistic skills . Many children left the village for other schools, so the goal is to attract them back here. There were definitely some paint stained hands today! They later, had their lunch with satisfaction and headed to Nizamabad for LEAD summit. In Nizamabad they had their dinner and ended up the day with reflection session.

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