LEAD PRAYANA 2019-Route 2-DAY 07


The day started with breakfast at 8 am which was followed by a session with Mr. Suresh Gupta (voluntarily retired bank manager at Sudha Bank) who advised Prayanees on environmental activities that should be taken up for social response of nature’s degradation. He is the savior of environment. He told about the socio-economic-environmental-entrepreneurship responsibilities. This was followed by a small speech given by M.V.Gona Reddy (CEO of Nalgonda sandbox) which upraised the co-prayanees morale. The team presented a token of love to Mr. Suresh Gupta.

Proceeding ahead, Prayanees involved in entrepreneurial fun learning activities and a session steered by Chandan Tiwari on startup module of business. When you want to start up a company, there are so many constraints: time, money, energy. It can be easy to feel as though you can never achieve your dreams and desires. It was an interactive session between Mr. Chandan and the Prayanees, this shows the real zeal of prayanees.

Startup related, creativity and problem solving projects were also assigned to Prayanees. It is the use of imagination or original ideas to create something new or inventiveness. They brought out the best one out of the waste too. They exchanged their ideas and thoughts between their teams. The day ended with an immensely fun cultural event where Prayanees danced to freshen up their zeal of enthusiasm.

“LEADer creating more LEADers”

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