Our Prayanees reached to the eight day of Prayana and the day started with yoga, a way to keep their mind fresh. They were very curious to know more about today’s visits. Prayanees first visit of the day was to Sam-agri, largest exporter of fresh cut fruits including pomegranate Arils, coconut chunks from India to the foreign countries. ‘Pick-me’ is the world’s popular brand of the company.
Prayanees there interacted with Mr. Ajay (Domestic Business Manager of Sam Agri) had gave a brief introduction about how their business runs. Sam Agri exports fruits internationally and the packaging extends their freshness. Mr. M.N. Rao  ( Marketing Manager) interacted with the Prayanees by giving a field tour.  The Prayanees  were very curious and actively participated in a Q&A session. It was really a fruitful learning experience for prayanees!
After having lunch, Prayanees headed towards the Google office where prayanees had a session and workshop with Mr. Rushab. They satisfied their curiosity by asking questions and were also given a tour of the incredibly designed Google office. It was exciting for prayanees to experience the vibes of this multinational tech giant. It was one of the wonderful visits of the Prayana 2k19.
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