It’s the ninth day of Prayana. Prayanees started their day with yoga which makes us to feel relaxed and keep all our negative thinking aside. Later, they started freshening up themselves and had their breakfast at Sishu mandir. Everyone we’re really excited to visit these Akshaya Patra and Nirmaan organizations and learn more about them.

Then, prayanees started towards Asia’s largest modern kitchen Akshaya Patra (sangareddy), where the organization concept is to serve Schools and feed people hunger. Prayanees had a great time in visiting around the campus, Where the modern equipment is used to cook and serve the food to 1.3 million children. Later on prayanees had Q&A session with Yagneshwara Dasa. It was very interesting to interact with this person.

Post lunch session was contoured by Nirmaan Organization based at Masab Tank, Hyderabad. Working in three initiated projects for social development, their statistical data and impacts were clearly explained to the Prayanees by Nirmaan staff. At the end, Prayanees took off learning life isn’t just about how reclined our chairs are, but also how reclined we want them for others to be.

At last prayanees had a Q&A session with Mr. Chandrasekhar (CEO of Nirmaan). The prayanees started moving back to sishu mandir. Later, they had their dinner then involved in a fun-learning activity. The day ended with reflection session of the whole 8 days and it was interesting time.

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