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LEAD Warriors of the Pandemic!


Once the Michael stuntman said;

“Not glittering weapons fight the fight, but rather the Hero’s heart”.

There is a superhero in every person, he/she may be present anywhere and takes the stand unconditionally to help out society when there is a sudden burst of problems all over. Their selfless service is a kind duty towards society.

It’s been many years since our LEAD program has provided opportunities and platforms for many young UG and PG students across the state of Karnataka and Country, where thousands of students are enjoying the privilege of opportunities to explore, learn and build a self-esteemed identity in society under the best guidance of many experienced mentors. It’s never too late to recognize and appreciate these youths for their effort.

As life is the platform and our performance is always key to achievements, here we go with the best among the best who are examples themselves as a performer.

Change in the result is true learning, it is always important to have all kinds of education in life. Presently due to pandemics, children are losing interest in studies. As of all time, every parent is worried about their pupil’s education and growth.

Here is one of our LEADer Bhoomika J S, from Udupi who is an Engineering student and now she is carving children’s interest in learning new activities. She has been conducting online mode of classes to the little children where they are taught amazing home experiments apart from the school syllabus which impacts their logical thinking ability. She gets to interact with children while explaining the new concepts and clear out their doubts of children. In the beginning, she started with few children, and soon after a week she had more than 34 children with her for online classes and everyone was interested in learning. Bhoomika has conducted online classes for more than 45 days during the lockdown. This online mode of classes has made parents happy as their children are learning and gaining knowledge during the lockdown. As it’s always said that never wait for the right time to learn, make every time right to learn.

Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads. So once a man said never ask what has nature given us instead think about what we have given back to nature. So in this pandemic, many people have some free time and few of them have come out with the most creative ideas to utilize their valuable time.

Here, we have one of our LEADer Kareeshma begum from the village Hirebenkal of Koppal who is pursuing engineering in RBY Mahabaleshwarappa Engineering College Ballari. Sitting at home in the pandemic, she thought of doing something useful by herself. She had the idea of planting the saplings around her home and then she not only planted the saplings around her home but also planted many saplings in college, schools, and many other places in her village and she has covered most of her village by planting saplings. Her small initiative has a big message to society. She has planted varieties of saplings like coconut, Neem, Ashoka, Custard apple, Mango, Guava, etc. She has planted more than 50 saplings all alone and will continue to plant more saplings in the coming days. Her initiative can be turned into a huge one by joining our hands to this initiative, by just planting the saplings around our homes, society, and public places.

What do you think is human’s biggest asset? Health, it’s the biggest asset that Humans ever have! Because of climatic changes, we are introduced to new diseases and infections. How can we stay safe from these new infections and diseases?

How can we stay healthy and fit?

By practicing yoga, exercise, and a lot more healthy activities.

One of our LEADers Mamata from Belgaum, who is currently working in Capgemini as a Senior software Engineer-Analyst thought of an initiative of conducting the online Yoga session during the lockdown. She has taught yoga to more than 40 people over two months. Deep breathing exercises are one of the best ways to lower stress in the body and improve lung capacity and it can only be achieved by regular practice. She also introduced the Asanas, Pranayama, Bhastrika, Kapalbhati, sectional breathing(including mudras and chanting, Abdominal breath, Thoracic breath, Clavicular breath). Performing Yoga can help in fighting against loneliness and depression. The online yoga sessions, one can be connected to group dynamics while practicing and help us to connect with other new people. So as we always say, it’s never too late to begin a new start. Practice yoga and exercise regularly to stay healthy and fit.

The best doctor gives the least medicines.
Yeah, life needs more care than medication and experiments. As we know every single doctor, nursery, and all the medical staff have worked a lot to fight against Covid-19 carrying risk and responsibility on their shoulders to save the lives of thousands of people.

As Delhi is the Capital of our nation but at the same time, it is one of the most COVID-19 affected cities in the world, We can’t thank every single front-line worker. We had a time when the hospitals were running out of beds and ventilators and refused to admit the patients. But, here we have a Doctor who stood day and night to serve the patients who were refused to be admitted to the hospital. Dr. Prince Agrawal, along with his team visited door to door of every COVID  positive patient in Delhi for their treatment and consultation at their own homes. They consulted them free of cost as he understood that even money can’t help anyone in the hour of need to save a life. Days after days, it became very difficult for him to travel and visit every single covid infected patient’s home. So he started online consultation for patients to utilize every single minute and visited critical condition patients, and set up the ICU for them. Moreover, he lacked the manpower as he worked 24×7 during the pandemic. The recovery rate was 90% under his guidance and treatment. He is even planning to work for the third wave. It’s a great opportunity for the locals to volunteer, who are willing to lend their helping hand.

The value of life is not in its duration, it’s in donation. In this small world with a huge population where still lots of people sleep with an empty stomach. It’s not possible to feed everyone but it’s definitely possible to feed a few. 

This pandemic has brought down many workers and day laborers and has left them with empty hands. When everyone was locked in their homes to stay safe, some people were left with no shelter and food because of the lockdown. A Young Leader from Navanagar Hubli Mr. Sunil Jangani along with his team has stepped forward to feed these people and provided them with ration kits and other daily needs in the lockdown as they had no source of income during this pandemic and which made it difficult for them to feed their family. Leader Sunil and his team have distributed thousands of kits over forty days in most parts of Hubli and Dharwad cities and have fed many homeless people. They have planned to provide more kits and feed the needy people in the upcoming third wave of pandemics.

The change you want to bring, the change you begin for your own home. Not only Sunil but also LEADer Ankith Arkal have stepped forward to help people in his hometown Hagaribommanahalli from Vijayanagar District. He is pursuing engineering from RYMEC Ballari. LEADer Ankith and his team raised the funds to prepare the grocery kits and distributed them to the daily wage workers in his region and Ankith had the support from Chetan Foundation in implementing this initiative. During the pandemic, Ankith and his team have disturbed more than 140 grocery kits and more than 140 families have benefited from the pandemic by his initiative. People from his hometown are happy for Ankith’s efforts in making this initiative a success.

Every little by little it grows more and more. Yes, here we have a Young LEADer from Tumkur who has his team for Social work and that is the #TeamGiveBack, where his motto is to Give back and not to Give up! Whenever anyone joins his team to help society in times of need, we feel proud of him as he is a part of our LEAD family. Leader Rakshith, who is contributing to society in one way or the other for two years.  

During the pandemic, Rakshith and his team have taken a stand to support needy people during the first wave of the pandemic 2020, and his team has provided over fifty thousand masks and face shields and over twenty thousand sanitizers and hand gloves in Bengaluru. During the SSLC exam, team #Giveback has distributed ten thousand face masks to the students around Bengaluru for the entire six days. In the second wave of pandemic 2021, they distributed immunity boosters and three-times meals a day for covid positive patients, isolated and home quarantined people with home delivery over a month and more than sixteen thousand people were benefited. And at the time of vaccination, the team has even volunteered at a vaccination center to help the people with vaccination and registration. He and his team have been given many awards for their work. Rakshith and the team currently are working in Tumkur and Bangalore on their new initiative of blood camp.

We, the LEAD Family feel proud of our Seven Stars who have taken a stand at their young age to do their part for society in the time of need. As always, we cannot depend on the Government and other governing bodies for help. Sometimes we need to help ourselves with the best possible solution. We appreciate our Seven LEADers for their efforts and concern for society. 

Written By : Swaroop Kotagi

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