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LEADers Gave Identification In the Form of Pan Drive


Deshpande Education Trust or DET is a centre in which students gather to develop their soft skills further to become more employable. The students in DET often take on projects on behalf of the Deshpande LEAD program. Much like the Deshpande Trust helped these students, these students wanted to give back and educate youth. This time the LEADership group wanted to tackle the youth literacy issues here in Karnataka.

Varsha’s project comes from his interaction with the village people outside of Hubballi. When speaking with them, he figured out that they did not have proper Identification. Not having this Identification prohibited them from growing as they could not take out loans or create bank accounts to support their everyday needs.

Varsha along with LEADers from the Deshpande Educational Trust missioned to help these this people by assisting them to apply for an Indian pan card. Although the public was hesitant to receive help at first once the team gained traction the people realized that DET was there to help.  The people of these rural villages lacked the education to apply for the PAN cards appropriately. He and his team assisted in over 900 people get their pan card.

Having a government-issued ID allows these people to have the freedom to grow. Without this type of identification, these people were not able to be recognized as a person by the government making it nearly impossible to open a bank account or take advantage of other government schemes. Varsha empowered many and enabled them to take control of their lives.

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