LEAD LEADership Program – Day 05


To explore and to experience village life and its culture is one of the most exciting and important factors of developing India, considering village is the base of our country. As a part of LLP, LLPians got an opportunity to explore a village named Mawanoor near by Hubballi. LLPians were at village last night where they stayed at a few houses with the families. The morning of the 5th day started with the morning work at village. LLPians helped the families in their daily chores. Few cooked delicious food, worked at farm, helped farmers in cleaning the animal shade, put up rangoli in front of the door. There is something unique and special in the village culture, the host bid goodbye to the LLPians in unique way.

The day continued with the task of cleaning the Siddharudh math where, saint Siddharudh used to meditate. LLPians removed all unwanted grass from surrounding and cleaned the place. The transformation of the place was really surprising for the villagers. LLPians conducted a rally throughout the village to spread awareness about clean surroundings and a healthy life. Along with the cleanliness and sanitation awareness they spoke about empowering girl child and benefits of doing so. The last but not the least task in the Mawanoor village was to visit the school and teach good habits to the students. 

Though the day was really hectic it was not the end of the 5th day. LLPians had a most inspiring session throughout the camp by Mr. Gururaj Deshpande, Founder of Deshpande Foundation. He asked everyone to follow their passion along with believing in themselves. Being a successful entrepreneur he spoke about entrepreneurship and asked everyone to grab opportunities without fail. 

With the whole busy and tiring day everyone was craving for food after which they had a session with one of the proud alumni, Mr. Anup Vijapur, Innovative Head, NanoPix. He shared his LEAD journey with the LLPians. Being a successful entrepreneur he told the importance of concentrating on variety of solutions and to upgrade with the innovative technologies. He asked everyone to be flexible with people and situations. so that it becomes easy to accept the variance of the situations. 

The day ended with a reflection session where LLPians shared their thoughts about the day. Today LLPians got to experience two most important part of the developing country, village life and entrepreneurs. 

Written By: Nilima Jangam


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