LEAD LEADerhip Program 2019 – Batch 02 – Day 07


The day started with the Yoga session followed by the interview preparation activity. In this activity, LEADers were supposed to their fellow LLPians few questions as an interviewer. No one can help a human being to improve than friends. This activity helped LLPians in gaining confidence and to experience a variety of ideas among each other! This Sunday was the most creative one for the LLPians. It was called Creative Sunday. 

Today LEADers performed crafts and art from the waste material. Mr Abhishek, Alumnus, LEAD guided LLPians for the same. He gave them a few ideas and asked them to think out of the box. Creativity can not be taught or copied it has to come within. As every mind is different and unique every LLPians came up with a variety of ideas. 

LLPians created greetings, colourful and attractive showpieces and many other things by using waste materials such as bottles, cans, stones, card sheets, newspapers, etc. Creativity session is more about exploring creativity among oneself by the method of recycling. For LLPians it is an opportunity to showcase their creativity in the form of art.

Later LLPians went outside to sell these products. This session made them realise various methods of marketing and ways of approaching people. For LLPians this Sunday was all about thinking out of the box for creativity. In the next half, they got experience in sales and marketing. Though the day seems to be the simple one, LLPians learnt a huge lesson of convincing people along with selling the products to them. 

Written By: Nilima Jangam


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