LEAD LEADership Program 2019- Batch 02- Day 08


The day 8th started with a yoga session and followed by breakfast at Deshpande Foundation. LEADers then moved to Sandbox Startups for their new day. 

Sympathy, empathy and understanding the need of the market before launching any product or business are the most important factors of a business. Mr. Abhinandan Kavale, Senior Program Manager, LEAD conducted a session on design thinking at Sandbox Startups, Hubballi. From this session, LEADers came across with the steps to be followed to implement the solution of a problem. Design thinking session helped LLPians with regards to the importance of understanding, empathy, sympathy and the market value of a solution.

This session By Mr. Abhinandan continued until lunchtime. After finishing their day they prepared themselves for the next session with Mr. Nilappa who spoke about 5S technology. On a daily basis, we are coming across multiple technology and innovation updates. These improvements do lead us to the better result but we do need something to keep the workplace in an organised way and that is where the 5S method came across. 5S is a workplace organisation method which consists of 5 Japanese words. This method maintains the workspace, improves the workflow and improves the efficiency of an organisation.

Mr. Nilappa introduced the 5S to LLPians and the benefits of it in his life and in the ESDM lab.

In this session at Sandbox Startups LLPians came across with the multiple wastages of an organisation such as overproduction, industry waiting, motion, transportation, rework and overprocessing. Along with this information, engineer among the LLPians got to know about the industry and the importance of teamwork.

After having theoretical knowledge about 3D printing it was time for LLPians to get the hands-on learning experience of the 3D printing. 3D printing i. e. 3-dimensional printing is one of the developed and latest technologies. Sandbox Startups is providing 3D printing as per the requirement. In the previous visit at Sandbox Startups LLPians had a glimpse of 3D printing in a theoretical way. Today they got to have practical exposure by making the models on a particular software and then instructing the machine to print those models. 

LEADers had their dinner but the day was not over yet. After today’s design thinking workshop LEADers were supposed to come up with a solution for the problems faced by employees of Sandbox Startup. LLPians are starting to build the solutions from tomorrow. 

Written By: Nilima Jangam


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