LEAD LEADership Program 2019- Batch 02- Day 09 & 10.


It is the combination of hard work and discipline which results in success! LLPians were working hard but the result of not following discipline is a punishment. Few LLPians could not come on time for morning exercise session and hence they had to take the punishment.

The entrepreneurship buzz had created excitement in the minds of LLPians. LEADers got an idea of a few entrepreneurial skills and the ways of implementing the business ideas into reality. The last day of the camp began with a session by Mr. Abhinandan Kavale, Senior Program Manager, LEAD. This session was about understanding and empathising customer in terms of customer needs, product design. LLPians drew some sketches to prepare the respective product according to the customer requirements.

After the exercise session, LLPians continued their work on the previous day project. Not every time things turn out as planned and a LEADer should always be ready to face any situations. Few LLPians worked on the last-minute changes to be implemented for the desired product and others are giving the final touch to their product.

 At last, it was time to get ready with the final model. From the previous day, LLPians had struggled to build the possibility best solution for the given problem statement. In this activity, LEADers have experienced lots of fun and activities through which they have upgraded their skills.

Finally, 2 days of struggle had come to an end! LLPians worked for 2 days and completed the final products. In this activity they learned to work in a team, to manage the stress and last but not the least, to be creative!

LLPians have enjoyed these 2 days most as they could see the sweet fruit of their hard work in the form of the products. Their faces were glowing more than a diamond with relief and satisfaction. Later on, LLPians had a session with budding entrepreneurs at Sandbox Startups.Mr. Vikas Jamkhandi, Mr. Vijay and Mr. Vinay shared their entrepreneurial journey after graduation.

LEAD LEADership Program 2019, batch 2 came to an end on the 25th of July. Mr. Chakravarthi Vasudewan and Mr. Chakrapani were the delegates for the graduation ceremony. They shared their journey with LLPians which inspired the LEADers. Few LLPians shared their experiences and the things they learnt in this camp with everyone. This moment was really an emotional moment for everyone. At the end of the day, LLPians cut the cake and enjoyed the graduation day.

Written By: Priyanka Kammar

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