LLP 2019 – Batch 2 – Day 2


   New day of LLPians started in the morning at 5.30 am in Kalkeri. Nature is a wonderful gift given to us by God in abundance. The leaders started the day with an exciting eco-walk through the forest around the school of KSV to embrace the nature and enjoy every bit of it. The students experienced peace of mind in the middle of nature, birds chirping and insects crawling. It was a wonderful experience to the leaders. After the walk the students were taken to the Yoga shala where they performed meditation. It helped them to calm the minds and increase their concentration level throughout the day.

Now it was time for a yummy breakfast with the students of KSV. After the break LLPians took a walk around the campus where they were introduced with basic knowledge of Hindustani Shastriya Sangeeta instruments. Namely tabla, harmonium, sitar etc. They were also made to practice vocal along with the students of KSV. LLPians had a great fun. After the site visit the leaders stepped towards the community activity where they cleaned the roads and made a path to channelize the rain water properly. Later the leaders were taken to the Yoga shala where they were addressed by Mr. Sudhan, the principal of KSV. He briefed the leaders about vision and mission of the school and its structures. He reminded them the role of youth in helping the poor people to get powerful knowledge, which will bridge the gap of quality education between the rich and poor in the society.


       The LLPians had quick lunch and boarded the bus. Travelling is one of the most exciting part of the journey. They sang songs and danced to the music till the bus reached Bala Balaga Music School. It is a unique school which has a completely different atmosphere than the usual schools. It treats the
students and teachers as one family. Here the students learn in amidst of nature. The school is built with eco-friendly materials and contains 230 different types of trees in the campus. Later the students had an amazing campus tour where the faculties of Bala Balaga explained them about the plants and trees which were planted by the students and their parents.

After the dinner, an exciting session was conducted Mr. George, a global exchange program in turn at Deshpande foundation. The LLP is also about discovering one’s self and creating beautiful bonds. They were made to share their life stories, the challenges they encountered and the solutions they created to overcome those hurdles. This broke the stage fear of the leaders as they got comfortable with the fellow LLPians. They also learnt the company module taught by Mr. George. The Leaders went to bed after a long day with lot of learnings.

Written By: Vaishnavi N Patil

Mail Id: vaishnavinpatil6@gmail.com

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