LLP 2019- Batch 2 – Day 3

A session on interview skills conducted by Mr. George.
A session on interview skills conducted by Mr. George.

Day 3 of LLP started at DF Hubli with a soothing meditation early in the morning. Meditation helps us to embrace our emotions and build up the energy to stay active throughout the day.  The morning session was conducted by Mr. George who explained the students about the different techniques and skills to be utilized in an interview. He also told them about the different body languages to be maintained while representing oneself in an interview. Later the students shared their feedbacks and they were assigned with different tasks for their personality development.

A Session by Mr. Gurusiddayya
A session on Leadership Module by Mr. Gurusiddayya

A session on Leadership module was organized by Mr. Gurusiddayya k, the Deputy Program Manager of LEAD. He explained them the real meaning of a leader and what are the duties of a true leader. Leadership is not a position, it is an example what we set for others and it is not about controlling, it’s about inspiring. He taught them how to analyze about oneself and other people which helped the students to understand how to handle the critical condition considering others. The session was made more interesting by twist where, Mr. Gurusiddayya K assigned a task to the students.  Through this activity the LLPians came to know what leadership is. Who is a true leader, what are the values and qualities a leader should have.

Students performing thee activity
Students performing the activity

Life is a journey with problems to solve, lessons to learn and most of all experiences to enjoy. An activity was conducted to boost the energy of students of LLP. They played a game called “Secretly call my name and Chinese Whisper”, and the key learning from this game were strong observation, listing skills and team building.

Team building activity

To be a good leader the main challenge everyone face is to understand the needs of his fellow mates. The challenge of leadership is to be strong, bold, humble, helpful but not rude, arrogant or timid. Thus the leader had a session for understanding other personality and people. The leaders through the activity could understand and identify different kind of personalities. Later on, an interesting activity of water passing from hand to hand was conducted. This activity taught them many values like strategy, team building, teamwork which would help them in shaping their leadership skills.

The evening session was focused on interview skills and personal trading for LLPians by Mr, George from Germany. They explored ways to present themselves and talk about their values, aspirations and qualities to not only make lasting impressions on HR managers but also to acquire tools and strategies for personal branding and networking. The day 3 of LLP gave the LLPians bag full of learnings. The practical interactions helped them to work on their verbal and non-verbal communication skills as well as their ability to express their ideas confidently.

Written By: Vaishnavi N Patil

Mail Id: vaishnavinpatil6@gmail.com

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