LLP Batch 2 – Day 4

Day 4
Early morning meditation by LLPians

The day 4 at LLP began with a meditation which was conducted by Vivek Pawar, the CEO at Deshpande Foundation. He explained to the students that meditation is not just for relaxation, its main purpose is to develop the capacity to respond skillfully and gracefully.  Vivek sir encouraged the students to adopt yoga as part of their life by explaining them the impact of it on our health by narrating an inspiring story how he overcame the cancer. He said to set a goal and achieve it in a smarter way.

   Ethics play an important role in every individual’s life. LLP helps the students to build their overall personality. An exciting session was conducted by Nav Kishlay, Doyen of CSR and Corporate Theatre. He discussed the important topics such as individuality, success and failure, dedication and action towards achieving our goals, mind mapping, discipline, visualisation etc. Later the LLPians were motivated by a video which was based on the building up of an individual personality. Mind mapping gave a clear vision of their goals.

LEAD jiving
Students performing LEAD jiving

Now it’s time for some entertainment. LLP is a combo of learnings and entertainment. Lead has its own form of dance which gives everyone an amazing form of enthusiasm. Its music has a different kind of electricity which boosts everyone’s energy.

LLPians at village Mawanoor

Now it was time for some adventure. The students set out to a village called Mawanoor to explore their next activity. Its rightly said that true beauty of the nation lies in its villages. A village is a place where we find true peace, unity, strength and most importantly the natural beauty of leaving life. They were served with hot tea and biscuits. They spent great time with fellow LLPians and had some chit- chats recalling their past three days of the camp.

Leaders were addressed by District Panchayat President Iranna JD

Exploring Rural India Module gave LLPians a chance to drench themselves completely into the life of the rural environment which made them understand and explore these parts of the society. Dharwad district panchayat president Iranna JD addressed the LLPians and motivated them which added more values to this activity.

An exciting activity was given to LLPians where they had to pick one chit which consisted d the address of one house of that village. The interesting part of the activity was the LLPians should search the address and convenience the members of that house for their one night stay at their home. Leaders had great fun with those families. They discussed rural development problems and suitable solutions. They had a great day and went to sleep in the houses they were assigned to.

Written By: Vaishnavi N Patil

Mail Id: vaishnavinpatil6@gmail.com

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